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Beautiful Joanna August Preowned Wedding Dresses
Amazing Joanna August Preowned Wedding Dresses

About the designer…

Joanna August, from Los Angeles, started designing wedding gowns after attending Columbia University in New York City but not before she worked for Revolution and Universal Studios as a film producer. After working for 6 years in the high-paced world of film production in Los Angeles, Joanna felt drawn to seek out a different career path. August felt driven to pursue fashion after designing bridesmaids gowns for her own wedding in 2008. Joanna was not thrilled with the selection she saw and wanted to make her friends feel as beautiful as she did on her wedding day. She started attending art and fashion design classes at the Otis College of Art and Design after her nuptials. During her time at Otis, Joanna developed her first dress collection. August drew inspiration from her California roots and combined that laid-back style with chic and sophisticated touches inspired by the East Coast and New York City fashion scene. The Joanna August bridal and bridesmaids lines have received acclaim from her clients, celebrities, and wedding professionals over the last few years. View our Joanna August preowned wedding dresses.

Stunning Joanna August Preowned Wedding Dresses

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A bride who is looking for a simple silhouette, light fabrics, and classic style will be drawn to Joanna August preowned wedding dresses. August has designed most of the line with a sheath silhouette and each dress incorporates light fabrics, like silk and silk chiffon, that fall over the bride’s body easily and naturally. We love that your beauty will be highlighted, not overshadowed, by these subtle yet classically styled gowns. Joanna August also has a ceremony collection full of beautiful and interesting bridesmaids gowns in an array of colors for you to choose from. A bride that is looking for a cohesive look between her gown and her bridesmaids’ dresses will have a plethora of bridesmaids dresses to choose from in the Joanna August ceremony collection. Regardless of if you decide to buy your wedding dress directly from Joanna August or if you decide to buy a preowned wedding dress through Once Wed, the fact that August gives you the option to compliment your perfect dress with similarly styled bridesmaids dresses, makes one step of your wedding planning just a little bit easier. Are you a Joanna August bride?

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Buying a Joanna August Dress

We welcome you to look through Once Wed’s collection of preowned Joanna August wedding dresses as you search for a perfectly simple yet stunning dress for your wedding day. These preowned Joanna August wedding dresses from Once Wed are the perfect way to compliment the overall elegance of your wedding day while saving money at the same time. Once Wed makes it less expensive for you to achieve that easy, laid-back, and sophisticated Joanna August style while saving a few dollars when you buy your dress through our preowned wedding dress shop. A thrifty bride may buy her preowned Joanna August designer wedding gown through Once Wed’s preowned wedding dress shop while feeling confident that she can find a similar style and silhouette for her bridesmaids in the Joanna August ceremony collection.