I’ts been so much fun getting to know Courtney a little better over the last couple of weeks and her generosity has been nothing short of amazing. It takes a lot of time and research to pull together a concept like the table below and am so appreciative of all the work she has done for our little series. Not only is Courtney a genius with anything involving paper or event design, but she recently launched a photography business with her husband, Erin Hearts Court. If your looking for a photographer in Southern California, I would definitely check out their site. Their prices are extremely reasonable and I don’t think you could find two more caring or generous individuals to capture your wedding….

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Here are the ingredients used…

I wanted the table top to be very colorful and like the rustic
garden of Frida Kahlo. I also wanted to make sure that there was lots
of room for food to be set on the table for a family style set up with
a fun mexican flair but not to much “typical” mexican decor.
The fabric & Trim  is from Joann’s fabric store
The Pots are a mix from Anthropologie and Home Depot
The Calligraphy is done by Lisa at Pen & Ink Calligraphy.
the napkins are wrapped in corn husk and tied with raffia. I wanted to
use photos of frida not her iconic artwork, as I thought it was more
interesting and less used.
The flute which I think would be cute to use as an
escort card or have at each place setting or on the chairs of the
ceremony, is from a fun little store here in Pasadena called the Folk
Tree. Along with the “Te Amo” heart
I just beer bottles for
the candle holders. But leaving them unlit as decor would work with
some votives around for those venues with fire issues.
The little salt dishes are from Anthropologie
The wooden birds are from http://www.jeannieshouse.com/
The table number is my own old painting pallet which I thought add the “Artist” aspect.
The bull head, I am happy to say, was finally put to good use!! you can see the little story behind it on my blog.
And most importantly my cat is named booz (I have 2 others but they refused
to help.) She helped me alot in the set up as she is really good at
leaving dirty paw prints on the chavari chair cushions.

[All image c/o Erin Hears Court and Flush Designs]


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courtney {flush designs} | Reply

Wow emily!! that is the nicest intro about me! I am super grateful and humbled. thank you so much. And i will go wake booz up to show her she is famous. :) I have a feeling she won’t care! :)

Christine | Reply

Ive never seen anyone cut a clay pot in half and lay the flowers like that. I love these ideas so much!!

Emily @ Peach & Pearl | Reply

So breathtakingly beautiful and vibrant! This is definitely my favorite set of photos of the three.

Genna | Reply

All the different colored candles are rockin. So many choices in planning your wedding.

Olivia | Reply

The bouquet is my favorite detail of all. I love how whimsical and organic it is.

Christen | Reply

I can’t stop thinking about these photos. The candles, the oranges, the colors, the flowers, the dishes and pitchers…seriously, I daydream about them at work! Absolutely rich and beautiful. Reminds me of living in Spain! :)

Mo | Reply

I love Frida Kahlo’s work, and I think this table is absolutely incredible…
Everything down to the painted signs and wax dripping down the wine bottles!

Rebeca | Reply

wow! i’m mexican and you could say i’m biased but I LOVE this Frida Kahlo inspired table!
Coutney, you captured all the vibrant colors in Kahlo’s work, the flowers look just picked from the garden and that TE AMO heart it’s gorgeus, the talavera, the tamales wow! even your cute cat in that chair represents Frida’s love for pets! Love it all!

Jen @ Green Wedding Shoes | Reply

Beautiful! Your table trends series is my favorite on your blog. Thanks so much!

Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

I think I need to become BFF with Courtney ASAP so I can nab an invite to one of these fabulous dinner parties.

Shannon | Reply

I absolutely adore the bright wax of the candles dripping down the bottle.

julie | Reply

insanely beautiful.