I don’t think I have the words to describe how incredible Courtney’s table is below, so I will think I will let her beautiful images do most of the talking. I do want to add though that Courtney created this whole table including flowers, vases, fabric, etc for under $225. She tried to incoporate as many materials you might have to work with at a typical venue like white plates, a white tablecloth, white napkins, and a round table…

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Part II with shoot details coming up next…

[All images c/o Erin Hearts Court and Flush Designs]


Comments (12)

Becca | Reply

Can she come and design my wedding, please? This girl is good.

Sam | Reply

The colors and flowers are so beautiful. I would love to incoporate a ton of color in my wedding, but am afraid I couldn’t pull it off nearly as beautiful as Courtney did. Thanks for sharing.

Lucy | Reply

What are the flowers in the flower pot in the top image? Thy are magnificent.

Val | Reply

$225/table? Wow. It is really impressive though.

Celeste | Reply

$225 really isn’t that bad of a deal when you consider all the rentals and everything else she used. My centerpiece quote alone was $300 and didn’t include any extras. And my venue wants $8 per a chair to rent. Crazy, I know.

JAIME | Reply

"White plates, white tablecloth, white napkins, and a round table…" is my challenge for our wedding in Spring. Thanks so much for the inspiration, Courtney! Looks fantabulous! :)

LK | Reply

Just beautiful!

Margaret, Project Wedding | Reply

I love the bright colors. She definitely captured the essence of Frida’s life and work.

chelsea {oh my deer} | Reply

ooh la la! the candle wax is the icing on a very, very good cake. oh, and i’ll take a glass of sangria, please!

vania | Reply

OMG these posts are to die for! everything is so soooo gorgeous!

heather-one love photo | Reply

Such a cool concept! Love this look. Perfectly pulled together!!


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