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What do you think of gold goblets and succelents? I’ve been seeing a few examples around the blogsphere recently and its definitely growing on me, but it is quite different.

[Image c/o Hoot and Heart and Country Living]


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DP | Reply

I love succelents, but typically am not crazy about gold. It is a different concept and I havent seen a lot of people doing it for their own weddings.

Courtney S | Reply

I actually really like it. Gold makes me think of bling(in a bad way), but in the case it is very elegant.

chelsea | Reply

I love it. It’s fresh and different. I do think that the little goblets need to be mixed with other containers of different shapes, sizes and finishes to create maximum impact. But that’s just my style.

Kris | Reply

I have been a fan of succulents for quite some time. For my upcoming wedding I have placed a single bloom in small galvanized bucket (found at a ‘goin out of business’ craft store) Perfect size, little maintenance and a very ‘green’ thing to do! I love that you showed these!!

edyta szyszlo photography | Reply

i love the color of the greens with the gold and the contrast is nice – very different. you’d def. need the right backdrop/space/room for them to compliment.

Rebekah | Reply

I love this idea, or succulent anything, for that matter! From a DIY side, they are so easy to grow. I’ve seen a pic with some planted in old tea tins, which was so creative.

Lyndsey Hamilton | Reply

love succulents on any table. they are simple, yet structured. beautiful…

CH | Reply

I love this so much. I cannot get enough of thrift store style vases, OR succulents.

cassandra | Reply

absolutely love the contrast of the two together. so unexpected!

jenny | Reply

i am having succulents for my centerpieces! and i thought i was being original. not too crazy about the gold goblets (too fancy for an outdoor wedding) but i’ve been scouring for a good container idea. please post more if you find!

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