I love the pomander ball Laurie created for us this week. Fresh flowers tend to be really expensive, so this paper pomander is a great alternative for a bride who is working with a tight budget. Enjoy!


What You’ll Need

6 -7 Yards of seam binding

3 Sheets of 12′ x 12′ scrap book paper

70 Pins with round heads

1 Styro-foam ball (5′ diameter)

1 Decorative button

Flower shaped craft punch

Needle and thread



There are lots of Esty shops selling seam binding,

Martha Stewart Crafts offers a lovely selection of flower shaped craft punches.

The cameo button was purchased at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts


1. Use your flower craft punch to punch out 140 flowers. (I know it sounds like a lot, but it’s only two and a half sheet of paper worth of flowers and it goes fast). (see figure l)

2. Poke a pin through the center of one of your paper flowers, fold the petals forward and slide it to the head of the pin. (see figure 2) Add a second flower to the pin, and slide it forward. (see figure 3) You will need to make approximately 70 flowers total to cover your ball.

3. Pin the end of your seam binding to the center of your styro-foam ball ( see figure 4) and begin wrapping it around the ball. (see figure 5)

4. Completely cover the ball and leave a 10 inch tail of seam binding. (see figure 6)

5. Make a loop with the ribbon and secure it to the ball with a pin. (see figure 7)

6. Stick your paper flowers into the styro-foam ball. Repeat until the ball is completely covered with flowers.

7. Make a simple bow (see figure 9) out of the remaining seam binding and attach to the top of the ball at the base of the ribbon handle using a pin.

8. Use a needle and thread to stitch your button down at the top of bow. (see figure 10)

What it cost:

Seam binding – $1

Styro-Foam Ball -$.50

Pins -$1.50

Paper – $1.50

Cameo button – $.50

Total = $5.00

Project created by Laurie Cinotto


Comments (3)

trish | Reply

Where are you getting your foam balls?! I can’t find them outside of Michaels where they cost a fortune! $6-$8 each for a 6″ foam ball? $20+ for larger balls?! It’s crazy! I would love to make a bunch of these, but they’re working out to about $20 each between paper, pins, foam and ribbon!

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