We're Hiring A Creative!

We’re hiring a full time creative at Once Wed! Our ideal hire is the  best combination of the skills below:

Graphic Design    //   Crafting    //    Floral Design    //    Styling   //    Fashion   //   Writing

Job Responsibilities:

– Research and sourcing for shoots

– Helping create blog content (crafting, diy projects, floral design, photo shoots, etc)

– Managing editorial schedule

– Creating layouts and posts

– Working on media kits, site design, paper goods, etc

And you can do all this with a fast pace, smile, and great attitude!


Local or willing to move to Atlanta

Full Time

Salary is negotiable based on experience

Please send resume, portfolio, link to pinterest/tumblr/blog if applicable to emily(at)oncewed(dot)com.

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Comments (23)

Caitlin | Reply

AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!! I am BEYOND excited to work on my resume for this :)

Holly | Reply

If only I didn’t live in England… this is my dream DREAM job!

Wendy | Reply

Me! Me! Me! I was meant for this one! I was born crafting and since planning my own wedding I’ve developed a love of all things wedding. Food, decor, paper goods, floral, even photography. Seriously, wait until you see my boards, my blogs, my resume, and meet me. I promise, I will not disappoint!!!

HiLLjO | Reply

Oooh I’d be THE person for this… I can’t decide what crafting I like best so I do it all–often.
But Omaha is my Homaha!

christine bibbo herr | Reply

I live and work in NYC and have been a fashion & beauty editor/stylist for the last 14 yrs. I just started a blog on the side http://www.nycpretty.com. I have done custom crafts and help produce weddings (styling, crafts, etc.) Please contact me if you are still taking applicants for this position. I would love to submit my resume. Thx!

Christine Bibbo Herr

Victoria | Reply

Oh my god! I want this job!!!! but i’m a little bit far away from Atlanta… Argentina doesn’t count?

marissa | Reply

this is all i want to do with my life. seriously. why did i have to go buy a house in iowa? :) good luck with your search and to whomever you hire, i am so jealous of them! p.s. thanks oncewed for all your inspiring posts!

Emme Wynn @withlov3 | Reply

If only I hadn’t moved to DC from Atlanta, I would send in my resume. I think I would be perfect for the job! Good luck with the search!

abby | Reply

willing to commute from nashville ;)

Annika | Reply

This is such an amazing opportunity and I am SO excited! Being a graphic designer, photographer, and crafty person with a passion for weddings, I think Once Wed and I are the perfect match. You will definitely be hearing from me and I would be thrilled to have the chance to meet the team and possibly for for/ with you.


Kathryn Stuart | Reply

the timing for this dream position couldn’t be more perfect– i will be in ATL very soon!

Joyce | Reply

I would die to have an opportunity like this. Unfortunately I do not have experience at all, but my 100% obsession of crafting, wedding and all kinds of pretty things.
Would there be a internship position?

Grace | Reply

This is such a dream job for me!

Elle | Reply

This sounds amazing can’t wait to apply for the position I admire your site so much, I’ve been quite the admirer for so long!I’m fun and outgoing and local can’t wait!

Ann | Reply

Thank you so very much for taking the time to share…very useful, indeed!

carin | Reply

You wouldn’t want someone from South Africa? I am a crafter, designer, journalist, fashion and decor stylist and more.

katie | Reply

Ahhh! Super excited to get my resume in the mix. Thanks for sharing!

Kelli hunt | Reply

Second to what I do now, this is a DREAM job :)

Anna | Reply

What a great pleasure and honor it would be to work for Once Wed! I am located in Atlanta and this job’s descriptions sound like it was written for me! I have sent my information already! Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone applying!

Lauren | Reply

What a dream job!

Jacklyn Lopez | Reply

I’m a graphic design student with plans to graduate with my BFA this May. I’m very excited to get out and start working! I am a blogger, DIY crafter and compulsive Pinterest “pinner.” I feel that Once Wed would be the perfect fit for me! I’ve been following Once Wed for months and it is my top source for inspiration. I will be sending my information as soon as possible!

Shalan T | Reply

I’m a senior in college graduating in May, but feel I would be perfect for this job. Is OnceWed looking to hire someone to start immediately or would I be able to still apply? I currently go to school in Nashville, but would be willing to move.

Kate | Reply

I’m the creative gal you’re looking for! This is such an incredible opportunity and I feel I’d shine in the position. I’m a graphic designer with a degree in fashion, a love of weddings and a passion for all things creative. Once Wed is truly an inspiration. I have been a huge fan for years, sharing it with so many of my engaged and married friends. Now that I’m engaged, I appreciate all that your site offers that much more and would love to offer my talents to your team. Just emailed you earlier today – so exited!

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