Painterly Flower Arrangement Pink Peach Ranunculus Protea

This week’s inspiration is drawn from Atlanta painter, Michelle Armas, whose happy, colorful paintings…well, we just LOVE them! We had slightly different plans for this week until we saw her brush cup and decided it had to be the vase for our centerpiece. Over the next few days you’ll see where else this painter led us…


Comments (22)

Pamela Archer | Reply

Very nice. I need to start looking more closely at paintings for inspiration.

I can’t wait to see the next posts!

Miss Milky | Reply

how wonderful … the picture appears to be in the picture…

Nicky Jarvis | Reply

It’s nice how a splash of color makes everything look so vibrant and uplifting!

Kelly | Reply

LOVE Michelle Armas…she’s always an inspiration : )

HiLLjO - 10 DAYS! | Reply

Very gorgeous. La vie comme l’art.

Chelsea | Reply

I’m in love!

Patricia | Reply

oh I LOVE this! Both the flowers and the painting. Beautiful colours

Alexis | Reply

Wow, this is gorgeous! And exactly what I want for my flower arrangements. I cannot wait to see the rest for the week, how pretty!

Will | Reply

Love this arrangement.

The Average Bride | Reply

Oooo that’s lovely.

Genevieve | Reply

So pretty! The vase for this arrangement is also a pitch-perfect detail- did it use to be a glass for holding water when painting? I love it!

Andrea & Marcus | Reply

LOVE THIS!!! Very artful

Laura Murray | Reply

This concept is SO cool!! And the painting in the background is fabulous!

Meghan | Reply

so pretty. i love it!

christine | Reply

i would love to buy this print!

flowers by bornay | Reply

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

flowers Dublin | Reply

This is really beautiful flower arrangement. It’s so pretty. I really like it, i had never seen such kind of flower arrangement.

Hannah B. | Reply

In *love* with the colors (and Michelle’s paintings)!

Austin florist | Reply

The painting and the arrangement look gorgeous!

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