Ok, first some images from Aaron Delesie of the beautiful rehearsal dinner…

Bali Rehearsal Beach DinnerBali Rehearsal Fruit TablerunnerBali Petal Aisle Pink Red PurpleBali Children CostumeBali RuinsBalinese Rain Stopper

And then the gorgeous wedding!

Bali CoastBali Coast Vintage Grey CarBali Resort PoolBali Wedding DressBali Bride DetailsBali Bride Groom StairsBali Resort DetailsBali Bride Veil TrainBali Wedding InvitationBali Wedding Ceremony Capiz ShellsBali Wedding ReceptionWhite Grey Tropical Wedding ReceptionGrey White Place Card Table NumberWhite Comtemporary Wedding CakeBride Groom Kiss FountainsBride Groom Bali DecorBride Groom ReceptionBali Reception Night Fireworks

Not bad, right! :) And I love that almost everything that was brought in for this event was sourced locally by Lisa Vorce and team. And, its worth mentioning, Aaron said, ” The presence of rain was a constant problem so Lisa brought in a Balinese rain stopper (he is the guy in the temple). The rain stoppers give offers to the gods all day long and they effectively “displace” the rain. Believe what you want but both days it rained everywhere but where we were!” …She really thought of everything!

Photography by Aaron Delesie

Planning/Design by Lisa Vorce

Flowers by Mindy Rice


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Elizabeth | Reply

omg. i am in love with this wedding. most beautiful table clothes ever!

Caribbean Wedding Events | Reply

Stunning and breathtaking…and the gown portrait….amazing!

Jess | Reply

Those shoes are to die for! They look like Louboutins but I’ve never seen them before, can anyone confirm the shoe brand?

Lorraine Daley | Reply

OMG..this is stunning! wow..one of the most beautiful weddings. The setting, the details and the b/g are all breathtaking.

Alexis L. | Reply

Oh my goodness, so absolutely gorgeous! I want to go to Bali for my honeymoon :).

Madison | Reply

One of the most gorgeous destination weddings i have EVER seen. Every single photo is just pure gorgeousness.

Oh, How Charming! | Reply

@Jess, yes indeed, those are Loubs! The bride was a true fashionista…she wore 3 gowns throughout her wedding day and had a drool-worthy pair of shoes for each one, naturally :)

Shal | Reply


this wedding would actually be my dream, so perfect.

Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie | Reply

Such a stunning wedding, So much beauty in the details! Much, much love to the talented Lisa Vorce and Aaron and Jen Delesie!



Katie Kingman | Brilliant Event Planning | Reply

It doesn’t get any better than this. Beautiful.

nic | Reply

Your site is absolutely breathtaking, I am in love!

naiviv dec | Reply

what is the brand of the dress hanging on the bed?gorgeous.

Oh, How Charming! | Reply

@naiviv — her wedding dress was custom from Monique Lhuillier.

Sarah | Reply

the venue is stunning!

ivana | Reply

i’ve seen this wedding from Aaron’s blog and this wedding is sooo…. dreammy…. the dress, the location, the fireworks… really makes me *slightly* sad since I’m Indonesian and my parents are not letting me have a smaller wedding in Bali and have to have mine in Jakarta …

Kay | Reply

Oh my god, this is so beautiful! I’d love to get married in such an exotic location but I shudder to think how much it would cost :(

Mrs. Winters | Reply

Can anyone tell me the name of the location where they were married. It’s simply stunning and I wnat to visit.

La ballena elena | Reply

We spent our honeymoon in Bali, and it is such a beautiful island!
Great place to get married at, beautiful wedding pictures

Sage Parker | Reply

the beauty of this wedding makes me loss for words. i’ve never seen anything so pretty, i mean everything is perfect.
i love it! what a dream!!!
thanks for sharing.

Robert London | Reply

Wow that was beautiful! I especially love the wedding dress displayed over the bed

Vancouver wedding photographer Tamea Burd | Reply

Truly, this is one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen! Every single detail is just gorgeous!

Kaylee | Reply

That cake is stunning!! And those burlap pouches. So gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration!

Kage | Reply

Mrs. Winters,

(you can see “amanusa” in one of the pics)

Hens Night Invitations | Reply

OMG! What an amazing wedding.

Naomi | Reply

Lisa Vorce you are amazing… I can only work as hard to be ME but as amazing as you! Does that make sense? This is most incerdible!

Caroline C | Reply

Does anyone know what kind of dress she wears in the last sepia-toned photo? The gown is stunning.

Christening Invitations | Reply

The most gorgeous wedding ever!

Isabel DreamWeddingItaly | Reply

WOW! thats just so amazing and beautiful! Wonderful colors, great venue. Astonishing pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Paulina | Reply

what an amazing wedding. beautiful bali and romantic place… hmmmm

Bali D'luxe Weddings & Events | Reply

Absolutely Stunning! What a beautiful wedding. Lisa & Mindy have both done a truly amazing job with the design & flowers & Aaron has really captured the true essence of bali in his photography.

Aprilette | Reply

Woweee, this is one gorgeous dream wedding, awww so magical and breathtaking. I love the rehearsal dinner set up with all its decor, red little pillows, soft chairs and what amazed me was the papaya fruit and the banyan leaves used as the centerpiece. Another thing that caught my eye were the little girls dressed in traditional Thai costumes looked pretty angelic. Oh, everything looks so heavenly, exotic yet elegant and beautiful at the same time.

Josh Gruetzmacher | Reply

Wow. Awesome photos! Aaron just became my new hero.

Adelina | Reply

Yep…I am “jealous” for not being able to have a wedding like this! ;)
It sure is beautiful!

jenn {bow tie & bustle} | Reply

TOTALLY gorgeous!!! Loving the vivid colors of the rehearsal dinner against the ethereal neutrals of the wedding…stunning!

Nick Rose Kent Wedding Photographer | Reply

Wow! Amazing photographs from a beautiful place.
Great Work

Natalie Y | Reply

This is so inspiring and gorgeous. Coincidentally, I’m planning my 2012 wedding in Bali. PLEASE share more vendor details.

Who is the make-up artist? Bride looks ethereal.

Chung Nguyen | Reply

Stunning. Truly.

Ann Niddrie | Reply

Wow, Absolutely gorgeous! The location, the colours, the details, the photography. Just stunning.

Ann Niddrie | Reply

What a stunning bride, beautiful location and stunning photography! Just gorgeous.

Raya | Reply

It was great combination with purple as started & finished it with white theme. Beautiful idea of the big day

Simon | Reply

Stunning! Great photos!