I was going to make this two separate posts but I just like the way the top of her hair mimics the dallop of the meringues. :)

On the left, Jordan Byers shows us a more loose interpretation of the top knot tied above the Marchesa gown…I have to say, I like them both! Which one would you wear? Photo by Tec Petaja.

On the right, is a close up of some of the tinted meringues we made! They were surprisingly simple! We just found some recipes online (a very simple one here and a more detailed one here) only, as we plopped the meringues onto the cookie sheet (we used spoons rather than a pastry bag), we added drops of red food coloring to the mixing bowl so we ended up with a gradation of sweets ranging from white to blush/pink. They keep for days so you could make them ahead of time and serve them at your wedding!


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Anne-Marie | Reply

love this idea!

isavirtue | Reply

i LOVE meringues! I’ll have to try this (and excellent choice with the gradations of pink – it’s very pretty!)

I Want Wedding Champagne! | Reply

Meringues seem to be my baking kryptonite. Once I trying folding anything into the beaten egg whites, they fall! :(

However, most times they still turn out crispy, just flat disks instead of cute little kisses. Oh well, practice makes perfect!


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