MV Post 2

A cooler side of plaid. Don’t be afraid to use this traditional pattern in less traditional colors. Also, don’t be afraid to mix different types of tartans, especially when they are in similar color families–unless you are actually trying to represent your clan, in which case, you can find your tartan here. :)

dish of pasta by Mikkel Vang for Donna Hay

all other photography by Tec Petaja

Also, special thanks to our reader-models Julie Ann, Chung, and Alix as well as Chelsea Petaja and Britney Almaguer for all of your help with the shoot!


Comments (10)

Rachel (Alive in the Fire) | Reply

There is something so sweet about tartan at a wedding… I love it. Thanks for the lovely post!

Color Collective | Reply

LOVE it! Beautiful colors!

melissa | Reply

I love the dress in the third row of pictures. Plaid is so manly and ruffles are so feminine.

Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

The multicoloured tartan shawl looks great!! The pink and yellows go great with the greens and blues!

Rosa Navas | Reply

Wow, these pictures are amazing, really gorgeus.

Liddybet | Reply

But wait, what about credits for the stuff? What if we want to actually buy it?

emily | Reply

Hey Liddybet

Check back tomorrow for our round up and we’ll give you all the resources from the shoot.



Kristy | Reply

Can you tell me where those tartan dresses and shawls came from???? they are fabulous!

Trish | Reply

Any idea where the tartan scarf is from? It’s gorgeous!!

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