Joy Thigpen, Meagan, and I recently ventured up to Nashville to hang with Tec Petaja and his lovely wife, Chelsea. Tec found this amazing little B & B 45 minutes outside of Nashville, Watermelon Moon Farm, and the minute we saw the baby goats knew it would be the perfect spot to create and play for the day.

We really loved the idea of a farm to table wedding. Something very low key and organic. All the flowers for this story were simple and gathered from the farm (and the neighbors–thank you!). And we hope the dinner to follow would be a family style feast that would nourish the soul…

goat wedding


chicken on farm wedding

white cotton farm wedding dress

lace farm wedding ideas

farm braid wedding hair

farm hat wedding ideas

chicken at your wedding farm

big hat farm wedding

Photography by Tec Petaja

Stay tuned for part II coming up next!


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Hilary Fruiht | Reply

These pictures are great inspiration. I especially appreciate the ones of the girl hanging that gorgeous lace table cloth on the line. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Lightning Heart | Reply

these are beautiful!

Sallie | Reply

Adorable pictures – but I know from experience that goats can stink to high heaven – especially if they’re wet.

emily | Reply

Hahaha…true very true. Lucky for us it was warm and these little guys were nice and dry.



Meagan | Reply

They turned out so beautiful! Lovely lovely lovely.

forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

Such a great shoot! Love all the rustic natural inspiraiton!!

Melissa @ The Loveliest Day | Reply

Oh, I love this SO much. Such incredible inspiration!

abby | Reply

oh my, the light!

Amee Farm Wedding | Reply

I love the goats as well as the place. I remember when we had our vacation in Vermont.
Thanks for the post.

Sarah Kealing | Reply

Ditto to Abby. GORGEOUS light. I especially love the hanging the laundry photos. Beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing those.

Emily | Reply

does anyone know who makes the short linen dress? it’s beautiful.

Michel | Reply

oh how lovely these photos are.. and how I need that dress in the first pics… dreamy!

Brian Dowling | Reply

Totally love your site and this session. I’m trying to get my photography skills to this level. :]

Chris | Reply

Does anyone know what kind of flowers she has here?

Nana from the country | Reply

Those flowers are to blooms produced by turnip greens. Beautiful pictures…all