It must be a lemony-yellow week here on Once Wed. Jen from Lollipop Events and Designs sent over this retro inspired Palm Springs wedding, and it definitely brightened up my inbox! Here’s a little more about this fun wedding from Jen…



Inspired by the venue’s mid-century modern design, we mixed together a variety of geometric prints and vibrant colors. While incorporating artistic elements enthused by Andy Warhol, we illuminated the unique characteristics of the bride and groom, Garth & Val. Style was the mantra for this event; from the brides Hello Kitty engagement ring, Betsey Johnson dress and vintage metallic pumps, to the grooms pink tuxedo t-shirt, white jeans and white leather shoes.



Stacked white cylinder blocks topped with potted succulents, connected by a thick black ribbon, created a pathway for the bride to meet her groom. Channeling the contemporary Palm Springs vibe, guests sat in clear-ice chivari chairs, while clear and white beach balls bobbing in the aqua pool glistened in the sun. A soft, romantic white-layered curtain hung as the backdrop for the ceremony site as the couple exchanged vows.


Our conjured concept of the design for the tablescapes created a modern yet sophisticated ambiance for the guests. Lanterns hung from the trees above and candles glittered while the tables were covered with custom kelly green table runners and mod geometric pop pink bow tie napkins, which were tied with striped black and white ribbons. A mix of white modern goblets and vintage glass vases filled with white rocks had vivid colored flowers emerging out of the succulents, fusing together and retro.



We tied together the couples personal design style, artistic inspiration, personalities and sophistication throughout every aspect of the wedding. Adding to the fun non-traditional vibe, we created a lemonade stand with pink and yellow Mr. & Mrs. Lemonade signature cocktails. We translated the grooms debonair choice of attire into our design, creating custom designed bow ties around the signature cocktail glasses. Who said kegs were not fashionable? Keg corsets are the new must-have for any wedding or event with a high fashion feel. Using the same fabric as the lemonade stand, we created a custom keg corset; with a matching sign Cheers for Beers hanging from the yellow and white chevron fabric!



From dinner to dessert, every aspect styled with funk and glamour. Retro catering tags inspired by 50’s-eqsue commercials provided comical relief for the guests. Hung behind the candy table were pictures of the couple edited into an Andy Warhol inspired reflection. Mirrors and geometric shapes were mixed with white and clear glass dessert stands, creating sleek yet super sweet nostalgic eye candy. Black and white trays were provided for the guests to pick away at their favorite sweets. The focal point of the goodies was the custom comic we created of the bride and grooms engagement, made as a surprise! The sweet moments didn’t stop at the dessert table. Since the couple’s two dogs are part of their family, we wanted to make a special attribute to the furry friends. We surprised guests by designing a dog table which incorporated a mid century patterned greyhound wrapping with personalized dog cakes on top, creating the ultimate sweet frosting that every event deserves!





Photographer:  Justin Lee

All potted succulents & ceremony flowers by: Lollipop Events & Designs

Florist / Main Floral Arrangements: Cherry Blossom Floral Designs

Lighting: The Show Factory

All Custom Graphics & Stationary designed by: Lollipop Events & Designs

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ktrn | Reply

what a stunning wedding!

Abbie | Reply

This wedding looks like it was a blast!!

Liz | Reply

Are you kidding me! THIS WEDDING ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley | Reply

Where did you get those awesome scratch-off keg cups??!

Ash | Reply

Where did you get the awesome cups?!!

Lollipop Events & Designs | Reply

Thank you for featuring us. This couple were such dolls to work with! As designers themselves we were so flattered that they gave us complete design freedom!
Ashley, you can get the etch labels here:

anthony teo | Reply

cheeky, fun & very different.. love it

Lisa Schneider | Reply

This wedding is a FAVORITE! So original! This couple must have been amazing to work with.

My Simple Details | Reply

The comic is awesome! Such a rockin wedding, I wish I was there!

Terrie | Reply

So 1950’s inspired!!!! Loved the HELLO KITTY ring. The decor was perfect!!!! Garth and Val are beyond adorable,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

ashley | Reply

I have to know where that chandelier is from above the candy table! it is awesome!!!

Michelle Scotti | Reply

Everything about this totally unique wedding is great! My husband is super jealous of the groom’s attire. I night just have to get him a tuxedo t-shirt of his own and arrange a vow renewal!

Nadine | Reply

The ladies at Lollipop are wonderfully talented, what a fun vibrant wedding. Love the succulents in the glasses – wow.

Melissa | Reply

I LOVE it Val & Garth!! What a beautiful wedding!! I miss you guys!

FairyTale Wedding Favors | Reply

Oh my! I love the cake with the daisies…I wouldn’t have thought of the colors used, but everything looks awesome. Simplistic, with a fun flair!

elaine | Reply

LOVE this wedding! so fun and personal! I would love to share these photos! so inspirational! :)

K-stew | Reply

Where can i purchase the adorable hello kitty ring? neiman marcus does not have them…

Evita | Reply

Love this so much and the Hello Kitty engagement ring for the WIN!

Becky @ Weddingistas | Reply

Get out!! This wedding is amazing. This couple is way cooler than I am, that is clear. I love everything about it from his pink “tux” to the bow ties on the glasses. How awesome!! Bravo to a couple willing to think outside of the box.


O.M.G – those crazy lolligals have done it again! jen, vanessa and cortnie…how much do i love you?! you girls are the bestest! :) xoxo

Michelle Hoffman | Reply

What an amazing wedding! So cute and classy, all while keeping the vibe cool & fun. The Lollipop girls and Justin Lee did an AMAZING job! Can’t wait to have them do my wedding =)

mark @ | Reply

There is no sour spot in this lemon inspired wedding. This is real cool and we love the grooms tuxedo shirt. The bow tie shots awesome.

Teresa | Reply

Love every last detail. What a fun wedding!

April | Reply

I love the “Hello Kitty” ring too! This is such a fun wedding, fresh and carefree yet simply enjoyable. The bows tied around the cocktail glasses are awesome. A wedding full of chic style and fabulous fashion. Great job guys!!!

rinaz | Reply

That was so very adorable! Best wishes to the couple :-)

Stacey Ilyse Photography | Reply

This wedding looks like it was blast..I want to be friends with these people!

Aila Blue | Reply

So fresh, so fun! I love how this wedding is personal and speaks so clearly the couples personalities. The perfect balance of quirk and chic.

Tam Ashworth | Reply

BRAVO Jen, Cortnie and Vanessa
How you’ve captured the magic of MOD…..The details, the vibe and the giggle-factor makes us SMILES!
GO Lollipop girls…we want to see more!

Val | Reply

Hi Everyone,
It’s Val…thank you for all of the lovely comments, the day was so special. I know a few of you asked about the ring and it is from the Kimora Lee Simmons fine jewelry line. Garth had to special order it from Neiman Marcus because it was not available in the store or online. Check out for retailers near you that also sell this line. Thank you again to the wonderful ladies at for making our day so fun and special! They were absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend them for any event!

ladybubba | Reply

This is truly one UNIQUE, REFRESHING, ZANY & FUNKEEEE wedding. Loved the choice of yellow. Highly inspiring interpretation of a wedding.


Rachel | Reply

OBSESSED. This wedding is INSANE. Completely incredible. I’m in love.

Alexis K | Reply

This wedding is insanity!! You guys are absolutely the BEST!! AMAZING!

Jackie | Reply

I love your dress. i have been searching for a short wedding dress. Where did you find yours?

Lollipop Events & Designs | Reply

Hi Jackie! The brides dress was a Betsey Johnson dress!

lala | Reply

I love the table runners, where did you find them? It’s a great print. This is truly one of the most unique weddings I’ve seen!

survive2 | Reply

Hooray! This is my cousin’s blog and event business – how wonderful that you have found them and showcased these talented ladies!!

micha | Reply

where did this take place??? i’m looking for a place for a small wedding in palm springs.

Audrey | Reply

aww…this wedding is sooo cuuute. Love it.

Jen | Reply


i’m thinking of having my wedding here too. we just checked out the property and really like it BUT we’re wondering if we will be able to fit everyone in.

if you wouldn’t mind, could you email me to discuss the place? i have a couple of other questions about it as well. thank you!!

Anna | Reply

I would love to know where the house was or if there is a website for it. I have been looking all over P.S. for a house to rent to have a small wedding and your place was fantastic. I’m holding my breath for your email of details! Thanks

Dani | Reply

MY GOSH! I love this wedding. Im very interested in the comic strip engagement story and the groom’s attire. Makes me smile a lot! Excellent job!

Tricia | Reply

WHERE..Where?? did you get the cover for the Keg?.. I have been searching endlessly for something like that | Reply

How absolutely fun and adorable!!