When I stumbled upon Victoria and Fritz’s wedding through Fances May, I was instantly smitten with the entire celebration. Not only is this the first camping wedding we’ve ever featured on Once Wed, but you can tell looking through all their photographs just how personal and fun their entire wedding was. Instead of hiring one specific photographer for the event, they asked photographer friends and family to document with film, digital, holga, and polaroids. I love the idea of asking friends and family to lend a hand, and think if a traditional photographer isn’t in your budget going this route is a great alternative.




















Fritz and Victoria were married this summer at the Groom’s childhood home in Forks, WA. They had a vintage camping wedding. Most of the wedding was DIY. Fritz is a graphic designer in Portland, OR and Victoria owns Frank James Clothing and is the editor of Scene PDX. For more information please refer to their website @ www.frickyforever.com or check out their wedding flickr.

To see individual photographer credits, check out Fritz and Victoria’s flickr.


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Costume Diva | Reply

I love her dress! So unique and elegant!

Jessica Lynn | Reply

are those custom stickers!!?!?! and that save the date is too cute!

libby | Reply

Where did his suit come from? My fiance wants one cut just like it

brideonashoestring | Reply

What a ridiculously cute wedding. Too bad the FH and I are so not camping people. Our idea of roughing it is when we don’t have air condition!

Jillian | Reply

I love this wedding…I have a friend who’d love all of this inspiration for her wedding. What a good find!

Angie | Reply

What a unique wedding. They got some awesome photographs from their friends and family. This is proof that you don’t need to spend tons of money on a photographer.

That Girl, Ang | Reply

WOW – Different – I like it alot!

Lisa | Reply

oh wow, super super cute and original!

Becky @ Weddingistas | Reply

This is seriously one of my favorite weddings that you have featured! It looks so amazing and I just love the little stools that they used for the chairs at the tables! Love this couple!

loren weltsch | Reply

this wedding is so beautiful! i love the whole thing – the save the dates, the long tables with stools, the camper. my favorite photo is the one with the wedding party on the beach. i love it all!

Joanna | Reply

I LOVE that dress. who designed it?

Jocelyn Stott | Reply

Wow – this is all beautiful – I love it. Thank you so much for sharing it!

MoralesVilanova | Reply

Just love it!
So simple and so perfect at the same time!

Michele | Reply

I love this wedding. What a cool couple. Among many awesome things I love that one of the signs says “shitter”. You can tell that this wedding was really fun and laid back.

Krystel | Reply

That must have been such a fun wedding to attend! I love the details, like the vintage camper for the newlyweds and the canoe ice chest for the kegs and bottles. Wow, that was a lot of logs they found to cut to the same height for seats. Love the ‘vintage’ style photo that’s slightly blurry and colored like it’s 40 years old. And it looks like they did s’mores instead of cake? How cool!

Kathryn | Reply

Darling! And I think the photo idea is brilliant – they ended up with some really great shots!

CourtneyPooler | Reply

love every detail, I grew up with Fritz and he and his bride have impeccable taste. Congrats to them! xo

Wedding Chicks | Reply

i am in love with this wedding!!!! the invite is sooo fun and the photos are fantastic!!

Emshaw | Reply

Love, love love this wedding! I was pondering the idea of just having our friends and family take our photos with my camera collection… after seeing this I know it can be done beautifully!

ChristanP Photography | Reply

this wedding is unreal. how rad is this couple?!

Lydia, Clueless Crafter | Reply

I love the idea of having different cameras capture the wedding and reception. Not only do you get unique vantage points but you get a slew of interesting vintage and modern visions.

Marita | Reply

this is just so lovely! Can you give me any more info on the seats? What are they made from? thanks.

Julie | Reply

I love this wedding! Its beautiful and obviously they saved a ton on photography which makes me like it even more! I love the mismatched plates that I have seen on so many weddings here. How do people get those? Thrift stores or can they be rented somewhere?

Emshaw | Reply

@ Julie: I know there are some companies that do rent vintage china but depending on your area it might be hard to find. We’re doing mismatched vintage china for our wedding and some great resources are local thrift stores, antique malls and of course, Etsy!

Kaitlin | Reply

WHAT a stunning dress! Simple, vintage & detailed. Does anyone know the designer?

Gutterhunk | Reply

This is so darn cute I nearly passed out onto my face!

Jacob | Reply

I have very mixed feelings about weddings these days…so many are so hyped and expensive…We did some wedding photography in the past and that’s a tough job – few people like the way they look in photos.

This one seems to have been much different – a low key event where they emphasis was not so much on expensive arrangements but on having fun.

I think I would have enjoyed it!

Jessica | Reply

1.) I love the wedding because it’s in Forks. Yep, Twilight fan here.
2.) The photo where they’re all lined up. It’s perfection.
3.) The signage is fantabulous!

Tara @ Pacific Wedding Guide | Reply

Wow wow wow! So fun and beautiful! Kudos to friends and family- they did a great job capturing the day…

Annette Garica Kerslake | Reply

I’m a Twilight fan also! So excited to see it was in Forks, WA.

I’ve been trying to get couples who to do a campground, but not takers. I hope this will inspire them!

Loddelina | Reply

Beautiful wedding, so unique and spontanious! A lovely coupple!

Tonia | Reply

Thank you for sharing this great wedding!!!! It has exactly the “feeling” I want my own wedding to have. SO inspiring!!!

I have a couple questions, though:
How did the whole day work out for elderly relatives?
Were there comfy hotels nearby?
Was comfy seating provided at the campground?

I am trying to figure out how to make my grandparents comfotable while at the same time pulling off this type of outdoorsey wedding.

Christine | Reply

cutest wedding ever!

Bethann | Reply

I’d also love to know who designed her dress. It is beautiful!

Melanie | Reply


Gulf Shores Beach Weddings | Reply

This is one the most unique weddings I’ve ever seen. The picture on the driftwood was great.

Fricky Friend | Reply

Vicky designed her dress with a friend of theirs who makes mens clothing (though he didn’t make Fritz’s suit). He said the fabric was a bit challenging, but he loved the experience. I had my wedding dress made by a local gal in Portland and it was a very personal and touching process. I would highly recommend it.

alyson | Reply

oh how I love this wedding…

Victoria Gomez Mesenbrink (Bride) | Reply

Hello all. Thanks for all your wonderful comments. Fritz and I were very excited when Emily wanted to use the wedding for Once Wed. There are lots of questions here so I will do my best to answer them. Feel free to sign our mailing list or send us an email on http://www.frickyforever.com. I will be blogging about the wedding on there from here on out.


My dress is vintage inspired, but myself and men’s designer John Blasioli are the creators of my wedding dress. http://www.johnblasioli.com


I want to be clear because there we some comments about not having to hire a professional photographer on your wedding day. While we had friends and family taking all the photos at our wedding please note that they are all professional, for hire, photographers. We are sort of a geeky photo group so we were lucky to have so much talent, equipement, and knowledge at our wedding. I would NEVER advise anyone getting married to skip on this! It’s one, if not the most important detail for a wedding. Photos are the only thing you have to physically look at after the day is over. I would also advise filming your wedding. We filmed ours in super 8.


Randall Garcia (Seattle) – http://www.flickr.com/photos/randallegarcia
Patrick Wright (Seattle) – http://flickr.com/wrightmight Patrick shot the Save the Date photo and also filmed the wedding in super 8. Check out his work at http://vimeo.com/wrightmight
Chris Hornbecker (Portland) – http://www.thegreatestphotobooth.com This photo booth was awesome to have at the wedding. Groups, couples, families, ect could all take photos together all night! Chris is a lighting genius! Many of my guests have told me they are using his photo as their Christmas card this year.
Jeremy Pelley (Portland) – http://www.officialmfgco.com
Mathew Foster (Portland) – http://www.made-electric.com Mathew also made our wedding website http://www.frickyforever.com. He is a web designer in Portland.


All the signage, print, invitations, ect were created by Fritz Mesenbrink. Portland based graphic designer. Interested, contact him @ http://www.hallofritz.com


Originally John Blasioli was also going to make Fritz’s suit, but due to lack of time before the wedding (we planned it in 4 months) we had to buy him a suit. John did however make his shirt. A friend recommended going to Nordstrom Rack. We were shocked at the great selection and prices that they had. They also altered the whole suit for $50! Usually, it is only $25, but we had to put a rush on it and have it done in 3 days.


We did have a smore’s table at the rehearsal BBQ, but instead of cake at the wedding we made a pie table. Everybody loves pie! It was great and you can have so many different kinds too. Cheap and easy!


Since there is a big lack of rental places in Forks, Wa we had to come up with a chair alternative to flow with the theme. After lots of thinking we came up with log rounds. Forks is a logging town so it wasn’t that difficult to find the logs. Cutting, moving, and setting them up was the hard part. We have 150 of them and we covered them with padding, fabric, and twine. They were really comfortable and even the elderly liked them.


Not everyone was into camping so a few of our guests did stay at two local hotels. We just blocked out rooms for people who we deemed “city slickers”.

Hope this helps. Any more questions, feel free to contact me @ fricky@frickyforever.com

House Obsession | Reply

OMG…I’m so glad I’m not the only person who noticed it was in Forks,WA and was like, “I love this wedding so much more now!!” Yep, I’m a Twilight fan too…

Oh, and the wedding was awesome. They made having canned beer look cute.

Amber | Reply

Can I have a dress just like that made?

a lifestyle thing | Reply

thumbs up to all the people who had a hand in this Vic- and-Fritz-REALLy-puttin-on-the-RITZ! This is way over the top cool!!

Teresa | Reply

That bridal party shot is divine.

Barrett | Reply

That’s a lovely set of photographs. This was obviously the perfect wedding.

KariAnne | Reply

Oh my gosh, I cannot belive I found this wedding! My fiancee and I are planning a very similar wedding, and in Washington as well! We are on the eastside though. I decided I would love to have our wedding in our favorite place; where we go for deer camp.

It is DIY and vintage camping. My mother in law to be and I are making my dress and the wildflowers that grow up there is what we will be using for my boquet and decoration. All of our guests will be invited to camp with us and bring their tents or campers.

Thank you for sharing your pictures and details of your day. I LOVE the sign tree and even more so that it says ‘shitter’ on it! Fabulous!

made sweet | Reply

what a FUN wedding!!! i adore every detail!

Kelsi | Reply

Lovely wedding! My honey and I were out at La Push surfing this weekend (the beach in the shots is 1st Beach, La Push). I love Pac NW weddings! Thanks for the additional details, Victoria, I may just steal the log-seat idea for our upcoming nuptials…..

tina matilde | Reply

i absolutely love the dress and the sandals/huaraches (this coming from someone who lives in her mother’s old mexican huaraches) :)

Andre Nievo @ Vermont Farm Weddings | Reply

I love how the pictures turned out as somewhat like taken back in time.

special | Reply

Hey folks, don’t get your hopes up on finding this beautiful dress. The designer doesn’t make dresses, only menswear. Sad, I know. But, check out this Portland designer, Elisabeth Dye. She’s great!

Staci | Reply

I love that it’s in Forks, NOT because of Twilight (boo!), but because I live there!!!
It looks to be near Kalaloch, maybe Ruby Beach although I can’t figure out where ‘Tent Town’ and the reception is set up at… You just can’t beat a beautiful day on the Northwest Coast.

paulina boland | Reply

Love her dress! love everthing about this

David | Reply

Great wedding! Love the Old German beer.

Cheryl | Reply

What a wonderful idea. I sent my daughter the website because I think it would be a great wedding for her!

Photographer Glenwood Springs CO | Reply

Great ideas – I’m going to pass this site onto a couple getting married with a camping theme. Thanks, Karen

dusanabotswana | Reply

Oh my goodness, what a dream this looks like! Love how everything really does look vintage and looks like they and theirs had truly a lovely time as well! thanks for sahring : )

Margaret | Reply

I love her dress! What fabric(s) did she use?

Dani | Reply

Those shots of their walking through the grass are classic.