I don’t think I even have the words to describe how beautiful the images are of Ed and Ginny below, so I think I will let Josh’s amazing photographs do the talking for me instead…







Their lovely reception is coming up next!

Photography by Josh Goleman


Comments (5)

Hannah | Reply

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this wedding ever since you put a sneak peek of it up yesterday and it is more amazing than I could have ever imagined. Thanks for sharing.

Tess | Reply

The creativity of some people blows me away. This wedding is brilliant, and the couple if stunning!

geisslein | Reply

To cute – I love these pictures!!! Sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

laura | Reply

These are beautiful – the people, the styling, the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been looking for a 20s dress without much luck, any suggestions? Any ideas where Ginny found hers? Thanks ;)

Vegas Wedding Photographer - FogartyFOTO | Reply

I’ve seen this wedding posted in several places and the photos are unique and different in each place. So many good photos!

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