Irish Cloud Shadows

Irish Cloud Shadows from story of eve on Vimeo.

Gentle light peeks shyly over the horizon, whispering its arrival with growing confidence. The white crests of breaking waves prance like palomino ponies, brazen in their showy display. The wind carries it’s voice, the gulls soar from their lofty perches. The day has begun. Wispy clouds glide by overhead, disappearing, to then manifest again, cloaking the mountain tops. Billowing cumulus clouds froth on the horizon, stained pink and burgundy, with gilded tips of gold.

The inspiration for this shoot was born in nature, of the rawness of wind and wave. The concept and design were woven together in the simplicity of this idea – rustic, organic, natural, honesty of materials, of the earth and ocean. Our wish was to evoke this through all the senses, from the feel of the organic cotton gowns which barely swathe the wind nymphs, the sight of the banquet table decorated with rocks veined with quartz, reindeer moss and mica dust, the smell and taste of the sumptuous fruits of the sea.

A simple and sublime palette of gentle neutrals, of cool blues and greys, creates a feeling of calm and serenity creating a harmonious aesthetic brought further to life with the unglazed porcelain, battered silverware, sea glass escort cards, and buttery stone-washed softened linens and hand dyed muslin fabric.

Production, Art Direction & Styling : Pearl & Godiva | Photography: Tec Petaja | Cinematography: Story of Eve | MUA: Kathryn O’Neill | Hair: Marie Maye | The Gowns: Sarah Foy & María Luisa Rabell | Bespoke Headpiece : Opal & Owl | Stationery & Calligraphy : Chelsea Petaja from Oh my Deer | Handmades Florals: Hanako Floral Studio | Food Styling: Jette Virdi | Props: Pearl & Godiva | Models: Christie Brewington from Oxygen Models & Stella Tattan from Morgan the Agency | Location: Coumeenole Beach, Dingle, Co.Kerry | A special thank you to Slea Head Farm

23 Responses to “Irish Cloud Shadows”

  1. caitlinn mahar-daniels

    Excuse my language but… holy shit holy shit holy shit!!!!! That was AMAZING!! So beautiful. Everything about it.
    Those models – oh my goodness!! The photography and videography!!! I am so in love with it all. SO inspired.

  2. Story of Eve

    Ecstatic to have our short film featured. This was an amazing shoot to be part of and the team of people Pearl & Godiva brought together for this were fantastic.

  3. Caitlyn

    Wow, I’m absolutely in love with this! Tec does a wonderful job of capturing the effortless, whimsical beauty of the Irish coast. Great job to everyone who worked on this :)

  4. joey

    This is my favorite inspiration shoot of 2013…. Tec’s work is so refreshing and the curation of Once Wed keeps me on the edge of my seat, scrolling with lust for more! Outstanding styling by Pearl and Godivia…. I cant tell you what a true inspiration this is…..thank you!

  5. Lauren

    I’d love to know more about these dresses! I couldn’t find either of them on the designers websites. Any more info? Just gorgeous.

  6. emily

    From Pearl and Godiva….

    Ashley Nicole Thanks for your kind words xo
    Chloe Bellagala Intern Why thank you, Marie Maye was the Hair stylist, we had such a lovely team for this shoot. xo
    caitlinn mahar-daniels Wow, thank you. xo
    Story of Eve Michael, it was a total joy to work with you as always. we love your work. xo
    Jeremiah Spray Thanks so much. xo
    Black Heart Summer What lovely words, thank you! xo
    Caitlyn Thanks so much Caitlyn. xo
    Tenielle Awh Tenielle, Thank you we can’t wait for you both to come to Ireland. xo
    Ariana – Hey Wedding Lady Thanks so much, from the bottom of our hearts. xo
    Canopy Rental Thanks a million. xo
    Lauren these gowns were created by Sarah Foy & María Luisa Rabell. oh so beautiful!
    Liesie: Liesie, the calligraphy was created by the amazing Chelsea Petaja from Oh my deer handmades. So exquisite. xo
    Tiago Valente Thank you so much. xo
    fashion blogger It is such a joy to shoot in Ireland every turn brings something new! xo
    Martin Thanks Martin. xo
    Diamond Bridal Gallery — Laura Thank you, we loved creating this with such a lovely team. xo
    Dana {The maid of} We loved creating this in the wilds of west Kerry. What beauty. xo


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