Whether a location is a particularly meaningful place or a new adventure to be enjoyed with guests, destination weddings provide a breathtaking change of scenery plus a sense of travel camaraderie.

While differing languages, time zones, and cultural backgrounds may make the thought of a destination wedding a little daunting, as the weddings we’re sharing with you here will demonstrate, the result can be a fairytale celebration that exceeds all of your wildest expectations.

Elyse Jennings, a wedding planner specializing in destination weddings to New Orleans, says she loves the element of surprise that comes with a destination wedding.

“In New Orleans I get to watch guests eyes get wide when the second line brass band fires up or when I tell them they can leave the venue with their drinks! While planning a destination wedding can seem so overwhelming, it can also make for an exciting experience to show your guests a new city with it’s unique culture!”

Her best advice?

“Hire a professional that can be your eyes, ears, and voice in that city, then discover everything that city is known for so that you can give your guests the fullest experience both through the wedding and over the weekend!”

Here we’ve compiled a preview of 25 of our favorite destination weddings showcasing exquisite backdrops and incredible cultural heritages from Europe, to the Americas, Africa, Asia and beyond.

Of course, if you find yourself inspired to take the plunge, there are a few considerations for planning destination weddings in other countries. For example, will your marriage be legally recognised? In many countries it may not so you will need a civil ceremony in your home country to make things official. You’ll likely need a local planner and bilingual vendors, and you’ll want to plan around locally institutionalized extended vacation periods, especially in the summer. For a few more basic tips, check out this article on how to plan a destination wedding in Paris.

Whether your destination is domestic or international, we think you’ll find that these photos and stories prove that if a locale speaks to you, it’s well worth the effort to travel in order to host the wedding of your dreams.

Article by Once Wed regular contributor Caroline Boneham Roche

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Sarah Chancey | Reply

I’m literally squealing over here, to see a Kenyan Destination wedding at Maasi Mara – I went there back in 2003 and I will never forget that amazing, magical place and the sweet people there. I love seeing the bride and groom surrounded by them, though no doubt they made a good “donation” to their tribe, as they don’t let you take a photo with them otherwise. ;) Absolutely loving this piece, fabulous collection! Cheers! Sarah Chaney of Chancey Charm

foc de artificii | Reply

beautiful places give a great color photo

Benedetto Lee | Reply

I would add always search for destination wedding photographers,
they see new locations with fresh eyes as opposed to the local photographers. (not a rule but very close to that)

Hull Wedding Cars | Reply

Though its a special and unique idea fro a couple but its hard to find a perfect destination, but you can hire planners to have the perfect one.