Figueroa Farmhouse Outdoor Wedding Ideas

This lovely shoot from KT Merry was recently released in the new spring issue of Flutter Mag. Check out the issue here to see more images and a delicious drink recipe. Below is a sweet film from Lola Film & Video. Have a great weekend!

Super 8mm Film | Joy de Vivre | Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse Inspiration Shoot from on Vimeo.

Concept & Design:  Joy de Vivre // Photography: KT Merry // Venue: Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse // Florist: Kelly Kaufman Design // Silverware: Classic Party Rentals // Stationary: Linea Carta // Video: Lola Film & Video // Dresses: Ines de Santo, Oscar de la Renta from Ever After Miami // Hair & Makeup: Luna Bella Makeup Art // Runner & Napkins: ACL Handweaver // Plates: Christiane Sutherland // Wooden Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals // Food: SBB Gourmet Catering // Glassware: from the collection of Joy Proctor

9 Responses to “Figueroa Farmhouse Outdoor Wedding Ideas”

  1. Ciara

    Wow that is just magical, KT’s work always is afterall! Wish I could get my hands on some of that silverware in Ireland, stunning!

  2. Sandra

    Love love love these images. But then again all of KT’s work is so gorgeous. I would almost get divorced and married again just to get married in a barn and have her take my pictures.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Mike

    Lovely. This location was just busted by the county for zoning violations and appears to be off the mkt as an event location.

  4. Laura

    Just a heads-up, your site has been totally glitchy for me on both Chrome and Firefox. Can’t see all the posts. Can’t access your contact page to let you know privately. Your sidebar is showing up in the middle of the page…. really weird, funky stuff. Just thought I’d let you know so you can have your web guy/gal check it out and see if it’s a problem for others. If you’ve had low engagement lately, that might be the issue.


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