Springtime Maidens

There is something quite sacred about the morning hours a bride spends with her maidens. The shared excitement and anticipation can be heard in every laugh and often shown through joyful tears. This shoot was designed to inspire a bridal party to savor these final moments together. We can easily succumb to chaos when a group of girls frantically get ready, but if we slow that process down and create a sensual environment for them, these precious moments can remain engrained in their memories, becoming a part of the magical process leading up to a ceremony.

Photography: Rylee Hitchner // Styling & Design: Ginny Au // Flowers: Cloth of Gold // Bridal Gown: Finery Boutique // Calligraphy: Holly Hollon // Props & Furniture: Blue Eyed Yonde // Hair & Makeup: Amanda Paige // Linens: At Home Furnishings // Bridesmaids Gowns: Nordstroms // Nightgowns: The Lingerie  Shoppe of Mountain Brook // Engagement Ring: Vintage // Outdoor Venue: The Swan House // Indoor Venue: Callanwolde 

22 Responses to “Springtime Maidens”

  1. kk

    Do you have any more info about the bridesmaids dress that doesn’t have spaghetti straps? I checked Nordstrom.com but only found one of them.


  2. Hailey Yeager

    Hi! I checked the Nordstroms site and couldn’t find one of the bridesmaid dresses (in the last “bridesmaids photo” bottom left.) Any style numbers or brands are much appreciated! Thanks! :)

  3. kk

    Do you have any more info. about the bridesmaid dress that is not spaghetti straps? Can’t find it on Nordstrom.com.

  4. Lexi

    Wow even the bridesmaid gowns looked fantastic! I loved the color and the materials used. They are truly elegant :)

  5. Personalize Wedding

    Your comments regarding calm, personal time between a bride and her bridesmaids before be wedding is so true. Most get swept up in the stress of things.

    I also notice this wedding didn’t have a videographer. If a bride truly wants to remember those me irked as you mention, don’t rely just on our minds to do so. Get the right photographer and videographer to capture these memories that you will NEVER want to forget.


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