Watercolor Wedding Ceremony Idea

Watercolor Ceremony Sketch

I’m imaging a ceremony held in an all white studio space with a white aisle runner and backdrop that have been dripped and pooled with aqueous color. Overall the space would be very clean, minimalist, and modern and the bride would float through it in her blush Marchesa gown. :)

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  1. lizzie

    this sounds beautiful….i love the idea of the watercolor runner all the way up to the backdrop…brilliant idea.

  2. Laken

    Love it! I would love to see an example of it actually done along with how to do it. Im low on ideas for my upcoming ceremony and would loooove to use this!

  3. joy thigpen

    Laken, I’d love to see it actually done too!
    If I were to make it, I’d probably get a white photographer’s backdrop and a bolt/roll of white fabric that matched closely in color, weight, and weave to the background (so it would dye similarly) to make a runner. Then I’d lay it all out flat and just spill, drip, and splatter all different intensities of watery dilutions of paints in my color palette. I’d make some areas wet first and leave some areas dry. I’d also probably work in layers coming back to add more after things had dried. AND I’d be sure to leave white space.
    I think it’d also be important to consider the scale of the project in relation to the scale of your space.
    Does that help?

  4. April

    That actually sounds like it would just be spectacular! Would love to see such thing in pereson.

  5. Emily Jo

    I recently put my mom in charge of finding a backdrop for my photobooth, and she just happens to be a watercolor painter :) I will suggest that she find a piece of fabric on which to drip and pool aqueous color. Any other suggestions as to how to accomplish the backdrop you are envisioning in this post?

  6. Carri

    Totally up for this idea! I’m in love with the soft tone in your draft, and already dreaming about having a custom dyed gown and a bouquet composed with hydrangea in soft colors…

  7. Mandy

    This concept is gorgeous!!! I’m sure the real thing would be absolutely amazing.


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