Vellum Wedding Ideas II

vellum 4

More than having a real genre, this shoot is defined more by a few elements and themes that we were loving in the moment…vellum, lace, and the color blue. Paper vellum was our primary material since it afforded us all the craftiness of paper in the elegant form of vellum.  Joy was inspired by all the white paper installations around and wanted to make a chuppah/installation for the ceremony piece from various types of paper and vellum.  And, we’d like to add, real candles were used for the shoot, but you can also always use electric tea lights if your worried about using real candles underneath the chuppah during the ceremony…

vellum 5b

Bird and Banner created the most adorable set of invitations based around hearts, vellum, and kraft paper…

vellum 1

The headpiece was actually a vintage necklace which we fashioned around Chelsea’s head and attached the veil down the back. Her dress was handmade out of all these different pieces of vintage lace courtesy of Hippie Bride.

vellum 9 vellum 11

If you are interested in learning more about how we put the chuppah together, below is a more detailed sketch of the structure. Molly, the visual merchandiser for shopSCAD Atlanta, was kind enough to construct the chuppah for us. We ended up going with the sketch in the top right image and weaved 1 piece of wire  every 5 inches going down the diagonal piece of wood to create the layered look you see above. We literally just threw different pieces of cut paper across each wire and stapled each paper in place to create the finished look.

chuppah sketch

Venue: King Plow Arts Center

Cake: Highland Bakery

Paper Goods: Bird and Banner

Dresses: Kelly’s Closet

Styling + Flowers: Joy Thigpen

Styling Assistant: Amy Strickland

Photography: Tec Petaja

30 Responses to “Vellum Wedding Ideas II”

  1. Ryan

    Does anyone know who makes the bluish-green cape shown here? It’s adorbale!

    • emily

      hey ck

      i think it is by amy michelson. i will have to double check with joy and get back to you.



  2. emily

    oh wow. i’m not sure what i’m more in love with – the headpiece or the chuppah. thanks for sharing this stunning wedding!

  3. Ling

    That handmade dress piecing together different laces is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. Wow.


    been dying over this chuppah ever since you first posted a photo of it! it is one of the dreamiest things i have ever seen! LOVE it :) xoxo, c

  5. Happy Nappy Bride

    I love the chuppah! We’re building one for our wedding, but that one looks a little to fancy and modern for us…we’re plain Joe’s and Jane’s.

  6. Marija

    I love vellum. It adds such a magic to any event, especially weddings!

    We used lots of vellum for our wedding, too – mostly in the form of vellum flowers that we used as hanging decorations. They were fabulous!!

    The photos look amazing, too.
    Thanks for sharing!

    – Marija

  7. Kari


    I love the little bolero! Is there any way that your grandmother would like to make/sell another one???

  8. Amanda Daniels

    Does anyone have any ideas on where to get the paper to make the chuppah? I LOVE the idea!



    I’m with Kari on this.. I’ve been searching high and low for the designer of that bolero. I want one! Your grandmother is perfection coming up with that. Do you think she would make another?!

  10. Kari

    Amanda, Vellum is the paper that interior designers and architects use to draft designs. I get my Vellum from places like Office Depot and Office Max. It comes in rolls like wrapping paper and it is not expensive. I love this idea of using it as a backdrop since it is part of my everyday life…cool tie in for us!


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