Unique Flower Girl Dresses

Alternative Flower Girl Dress Round Up

In honor of our flower girl and ring bearer inspired shoot this week, here’s a round up of sweet little dresses in case you’re looking for something other than the white poofy dress….which we have nothing against but figure those are easy enough to find. :)

1. Tulip and Nettle $85  2. NellyStella 3. Antik Batik $115  4. NellyStella 5. Paul & Joe Little $150  6. finehandmadeclothing $75  7. NellyStella 8. J.Crew SALE $50  9. Ralph Lauren $55  10. Chloe $132

23 Responses to “Unique Flower Girl Dresses”

  1. nata

    I don’t even plan on having a flower girl at my wedding, but after seeing these dresses I’m totally reconsidering! So beautiful!!

  2. Charlotte at WeekendsSoSweet

    I love these! The top four are my favorite. These are such a refreshing break for the boring old white poofy preppy number!

    For little flower girls I have seen some cute tutu outfits out there too

  3. Benita Wheeler

    Love, love. Dress three is my favorite. Put a little crown on your little queen’s head.

  4. joythigpen

    oh! ha! yes…I just threw in #6 to have a little ring bearer outfit in the mix…

  5. hilary

    i’m sorry, does no one else find the way some of these girls are posed totally disturbing? particularly #2, a little marilyn monroe. i’m disappointed in once wed for supporting this kind of presentation of children.

  6. Alanna

    Beautiful dresses! I have a very opinionated little flower girl in our wedding, one who really is in love with the poofy dresses (though not necessarily white). I like these, though!

  7. Heather Bows-n-Berries

    #3 is my favorite, but they are all a refreshing change! I make some cute (and different) flower girl hair clips & wreaths, if you are looking for something like that too! :) Check out Bows-n-Berries for more.

  8. Lindsey

    My flower girl is weaing the grey jcrew dress in May. It is even cuter in person!:)

  9. Lauren Lowman

    I find some of these ideas inspiring. I am a floral designer and some of the wedding styles are pleasantly unique. I look forward to seeing more posts!

  10. Manny Spoelstra

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