Under the Weather


I am feeling under the weather this morning, so I’m going to head out early to rest and hopefully heal. Check back tomorrow though to see more of this adorable, love story…

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6 Responses to “Under the Weather”

  1. sanjia kaka

    I was saddened to hear you were not feeling well. I do hope that you get well soon. These pictures have me on my tip toes, waiting to see how much they make me smile and inspire my own wedding. Thank for always doing a great job!

  2. Sharon

    Just came upon your website … very nice! I think your readers would be interested in my newly released little gift book, “A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage,” at borders, barnes&noble, amazon, etc. And please come visit me at http://www.ashortguidetoahappymarriage.com — I’m just starting up a website and blog in between seeing my marriage therapy clients!


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