Under The Big Top


The idea of getting married under the big top seems a little daunting unless of course it was made by the lovely ladies behind Domestic Construction like the one above. They created this one for Daily Candy, but how incredible would something like this be at a wedding?

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12 Responses to “Under The Big Top”

  1. inBloom

    My upcoming wedding in July is going to be a old-fashioned, vintage circus with popcorn and cotton candy! Think Tim Burton’s Big Fish! I’ve rented a small high peaked tent to act as my Big Top but this is a great idea too! I’ve been documenting my inspirations on my blog…this is a great addition! Thanks!

  2. Paisley

    I wanted to do something like this to dress up my small reception space but I can’t figure out to attach something to a flat cieling? How did you do this one? It would have to be something that doesn’t leave a mark…


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