Tropical Wedding Cocktail Ideas

credits (and recipes!!): 1. sparkling strawberry cocktail Martha Stewart 2. watermelon rounds with tarragon syrup from Not Without Salt 3. Passion Fruit Mojitos from Redbook 4. Thai chicken rolls with peanut sauce or hoisin sauce, add vermicelli noodles from Not Without Salt


Comments (7)

Brit at Colure Weddings | Reply

Mmmmm! Keep the drinks cold, I’m on my way. ;)

andrea @ the yellow cottage | Reply

All of this looks delicious! And nice and light too.

jennifer@simple gestures wedding favors | Reply

Looks yummy, colorful and fun.. Perfect for adding more colors to the tables at a reception!

antique engagement rings | Reply

Looks fantastic….I’m going to make some this weekend!

Jaf Gifts | Reply

Those drinks are mouthwatering! I want a glass or two.. :D

antique engagement rings | Reply

Cocktail ideas are always good ones!

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