Tinted Wedding Dresses: Mocha

Mocha Wedding Dress 1Mushroom Cake Erica ObrienCrystal Shoes Mocha Dress 3Mocha Wedding Dress 4Mushroom Cake FlowersMocha Wedding Dress

A more earthy option, a mocha or taupe dress might be a good choice for a bride who feels a little uncomfortable with the spotlight on her all day….or who just likes the color. This is a Fleur Wood dress from BHLDN and is only $400 which is not bad if you wear it as a wedding gown! Which may mean you could splurge on the Alexander McQueen Crystal Suede Heels???

Photography by Elizabeth Messina / Hair and makeup by Erin Skipley / Flowers by Mindy Rice / Mushroom Cake by Erica O’Brien

17 Responses to “Tinted Wedding Dresses: Mocha”

  1. kate

    love the ethereal feel of all of this, and please tell me where those shoes are from!

  2. joythigpen

    oh, thanks kate! the last sentence hadn’t saved! its up in the top now…

    anne-marie, the roses are juliette, there’s some antique hydrangea, some fritillaria, some vintage velvet poppy heads, i think? and gold painted ferns….mindy might be able to fill you in better but that’s at least a start :)

  3. Mindy Rice

    Hi Anne-Marie!

    For this bouquet I chose a combination of Dusty Hellebore, Fritillaria, vintage velvet Poppy pods , gilded fern leaf, Dusty Miller and yes…my favorite Juliette roses!

  4. AbiQ

    Elizabeth is a genius. That cake is beautiful and so are the flowers. I never leave comments but I’m too in love not to. Amazing.


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