Tinted Wedding Dresses: Cool Hues

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While we recognize that this non-traditional route is not for everyone, we also fell pretty hard for these textured gowns. The first gown in this set is called Moonshadow by Claire Pettibone and it is one of the most delicate and imaginative wedding gowns I have ever seen and feels like the first page of a hundred beautiful stories. The second is called Pleated Fantasy from BHLDN and has just the right combination of tailored and frothy. I guess the question is: could you see yourself in something like this for your wedding day?

Photography by Elizabeth Messina / Hair and makeup by Erin Skipley / Flowers by Mindy Rice

20 Responses to “Tinted Wedding Dresses: Cool Hues”

  1. Maggie

    I’m thinking about a gray cocktail dress for my wedding. I love gray and I’m just a little too boring and practical to spend tons of money on a dress I will wear once!

  2. Caroline

    Though I could never see myself in them for my wedding day, both gowns are incredible. I’m a a big fan of BHLDN’s line, and as gorgeous as the pleated fantasy dress is on models and hangers, I have serious doubts of how flattering it might be on the vast majority of brides. Love the shade and dimension though!

  3. Chloe @ Caught the Light

    OH MY! This is divine. I need a bride in this dress-it’s unreal.

    I love these photos by the ever-talented Elisabeth and I very much love “feels like the first page of a hundred beautiful stories”. Epic and spot on.


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