Tinted Wedding Boudoir

Wedding Veil Boudoir 16Wedding Boudoir Veil 3Tinted Wedding Boudoir RibbonsTinted Wedding Boudoir

Don’t forget that these tinted colors can start with your lingerie and should ideally match (or compliment) your dress. Though personally, I still like the idea of a white veil or some bit of accessories for a bride even if you’re wearing a tinted dress. This long veil is a *stunning* work of craftmanship–its by Oscar de la Renta (and available at B. Hughes Bridal) and the edges are scalloped in this treated, cut paper….amazing. The other veil is this genius feather veil creation by Jennifer Behr called Veronica…lovely.

Stay tuned for a whole tinted round up!

Photography by Elizabeth Messina / Hair and makeup by Erin Skipley

16 Responses to “Tinted Wedding Boudoir”

  1. Sacha

    This series of posts is making me almost (almost!) reconsider a nude dress choice. If it wasn’t already set, I would be incredibly tempted… but maybe tinted underthings are the way to go! Gorgeous boudoir shots.

    I am also in love with those thigh highs. So cute!

  2. Corinne Krogh Photography

    I have that shirt she’s wearing! It’s from anthro, I’m actually wearing the silk tank that goes underneath today. Inspiring to see it worn like this… just goes to show you can probably be preeettty sexy without getting a new wardrobe.

    Love the colors, beautifully captured!

  3. Holly

    Love this shoot, does anyone know where to get the over the knee stockings like these ones?


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