Tec Petaja

One of my favorite wedding photographers, Tec Petaja, just launched a brand new website and I’ve been swooning over his stunning images all morning. Don’t you just love the dream like aura of his work? Some of my favorites below…


[Images c/o Tec Petaja]

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13 Responses to “Tec Petaja”

  1. Karyn

    W.O.W! These beautiful images were just the pick me up I needed this morning. Where is he located?

  2. OnceWed

    Hey Karyn! Tec is located in Nashville, but I’m pretty sure he will travel anywhere to shoot a wedding.

  3. Tec Petaja

    Than you Thank you Thank you!

    I love being featured on your blog and I love that you let everyone know about my new site.

    You’re to sweet!

  4. Christina

    Does anyone know what kind of white flower are in the round vase (right of the orchids)? I couldn’t tell if they were dahlias, carnations or peonies?

  5. Jacqueline

    Does anyone know where I can buy some of the miniature glass vases that are shown above? (They look like tiny fish bowls)!


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