Sunprint Wedding Cake

Sunprint Inspiration Place Card

I was so inspired by these brilliant place cards by neither snow and this beautiful print by Rinne Allen that I wanted to try it on a cake….

Sunprint Cake

(its not a real sunprint…yes, that would be poisonous…just cobalt airbrushed on fondant over foliage)

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25 Responses to “Sunprint Wedding Cake”

  1. Sarah

    That’s stunning! And…fairly straightforward, I bet? Seems so do-able, since perfection isn’t the goal.

  2. Sarah Winward

    This is brilliant! I love everything sunprint, but never really thought you could translate the concept to food.

    Such a nice way to have such a bright, unnatural color feel more natural and edible.

  3. Ez

    Okay…this is one seriously gorgeous cake! I just can’t get over it! Brilliant idea and wonderful execution! Love it! xo Ez

  4. Barbara

    Beautiful! But what do you mean by “…just cobalt airbrushed on…”? The element cobalt is extremely toxic, so I’m guessing you mean a ‘cobalt blue color’? Made from/using a particular food coloring, or ? (yes, I’m still learning in this area — much to learn, obviously!) Any info appreciated as I would like to try this, on a small scale at least, for a dear friend. Thanks!


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