Soft Tropical Wedding Cake

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Alright folks…this is about as friendly of a wedding cake as it gets! This sweet thing was made by our local Whole Foods baker for $50. I just drew him a picture, picked out the cake and frosting, stuck some fresh ‘blushing bride’ protea in the top and voila!

Photo by Jose Villa

Cake stand provided by Neiman Marcus in Boston

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  1. melissa

    As cakes become more and more outrageous (in good and bad ways), I like how people are reacting with things that actually look homemade (and even more delicious!).

  2. Ashley

    Beautiful. When it come to cakes, I’m a fan of the simple cake with fresh flowers. Whole Foods in a great option – I had them to do smaller cakes in rough buttercream frosting for my wedding, served on two different cake stands. Perfect and both for under $100!

  3. knitswift

    Simple is so beautiful. And it’s looks much more delicious that your typical frilly cake.

  4. Heather

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’ve been scouring the web trying to find a reasonable baker in the bay area, that doesn’t have a $300 min. for a small reception, and I think you just talked me into whole foods cake, I was already planning on whole foods for a dessert table, but I can DIY! Thank you again!

  5. megan

    wow! i am getting married in cabo in april and wish there was a whole foods there. so pretty!

  6. ashley

    OMG, I am in heaven! Which exact while foods did you go to?

    (I have had bad luck in the past w/the bakery in whole foods, help!)

  7. joythigpen

    oh, ashley, this was actually done at the whole foods in cambridge, MA, so that’s probably a little far for you! sorry for your bad luck! maybe try again? or try the next closest? fingers crossed for you!


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