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Kathryn of Snippet and Ink never ceases to amaze me with her fantastic taste and eye for color. Her inspiration boards are not only beautiful to look at, but also incredibly helpful especially if you are struggling with a color palette for your wedding. I have a folder overflowing with her boards on my computer and just when I think she can’t possibly top her last board – she does! Snippet & Ink is definitely one of my favorite blogs, but I’m always curious to see where other people draw inspiration from. What are some of your favorite blogs or websites? I’m always looking for new blogs to add to my reader and more places to gather ideas for Once Wed…

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  1. Sara

    The four blogs i visit every morning are Ritzy Bee, Bride’s Little White Book, Snippet & Ink, and this one, Once Wed! They are all great in their own ways, and the author’s all demonstrate a clear eye for design and inspiration. There are other blogs I visit, but these four are my staples.

  2. Dana

    I have a major crush on food and wedding blogs. My favorite food blog is Sweet Paul. My mouth is just watering thinking about his delicious recipes and photographs.

  3. Francesca

    Snippet and Ink is definitely is one of my favorites but so is Once Wed. I don’t think I could name a favorite really. I have 100 plus in my reader and they cover everyhting from weddings, design, art, etc. Blogs are way to addicting.

  4. edyta szyszlo photography

    of course Once Wed is one of my favs…here are some others
    brooklyn bride, the cherry blossom girl, sfgirlbybay, poppytalk, wedding chicks and i can’t seem to find this other one. oh and there’s always mine :)

  5. Emily @ Peach & Pearl

    I love Snippet & Ink! Kathryn’s boards are always so lovely and such an inspiration. I’d like to humbly suggest my blog, Peach & Pearl, as well. I post a new inspiration board every week and would be tickled if you’d stop by!

  6. redframe

    Can I have a do-over and have my wedding inside board nr 2 please? I always used to come here & to snippet & ink first, then came peoniesandpolaroids and lately the city sage. Guess it’s obvious I’m slowly moving away from weddings…

  7. Erin Hiemstra

    of course once wed and snippet&ink are staples, but I also love green wedding shoes, {frolic!}, and what junebug loves. Of course brooklyn bride and perfect bound are perennial favorites too!

  8. Courtney

    Awww…thanks Sara! Once Wed is hands down one of my favorites. I also love Perfect Bound, Snippet and Ink (of course) and Ritzy Bee. Lately I’ve been addicted to Hello Lucky! too.


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