Put it all together…

Painterly Tablescape

….and you’ve got a simple, pretty reception table!

Pincushion Protea Peony Azalea Pink Coral Wedding FlowersCoral Bright Wedding Bouquet

Add a bouquet and you’re good to go! (By the way, that kind of spiky coral flower is called a pincushion protea.)

Paintings c/o Michelle Armas

14 Responses to “Put it all together…”

  1. patience

    whoa! what IS that flower?? the close up shot of it is incredible!

    art is a big part of my life so i love the idea of the can of paintbrushes on the table. it’s totally random but kind of perfect at the same time.

  2. HiLLjO - 8 Days!

    Once Wed has become my favorite visual-blog. Ever.

    I just look so forward to the roundups with the culmination of the week’s inspirational snippets!

    • emily

      Joy not only styled and designed everything, but she also photographed the story. She is one talented gal!

  3. keri

    love michelle armas. can i ask what kind of kind of paint was used to paint the votives?


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