Promise Tangeman


I came across the beautiful work of Promise Tangeman while reading evie s this morning. She recently created the invitations above and below for a friend’s wedding which I couldn’t resist posting here. Promise is a photographer and graphic designer, and I love how she incorporates both mediums in her invitations.


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6 Responses to “Promise Tangeman”

  1. evie s.

    Yes, I loved this set that she designed! Oh, and I thought I would mention her last name is “Tangeman” instead of Tangerine. :)

  2. emily

    Oops. Thanks for the heads up! Our friends just had a little girl and named her Tangerine, so I guess she was on my mind when I wrote this.

  3. Nikki

    I went to high school with Promise! She’s always been super creative and talented, that’s rad she’s featured on here


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