Nellie + Chad

Good Morning! I have two wonderful posts planned for today, but first up is the sensational engagement session of Nellie and Chad from Yvonne Wong. When Yvonne sent these yummy images over last night, I knew they would be the perfect way to start the week here on Once Wed…

nellieandchad-0011-1 nellieandchad-0014-1 nellieandchad-0033 wedding-parasol nellieandchad-0021-1 nellieandchad-0036 seersucker-wedding-suit nellieandchad-0097-1

Photography by Yvonne Wong

Stay tuned for a lovely DIY wedding coming up later today!

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16 Responses to “Nellie + Chad”

  1. Alejandra

    Aside from the stunning photography… The COUPLE make these pictures!! Many times, a talented photographer gives such stylish flair to images (and that definitely takes talent), but this photographer was blessed with a couple that is so obviously in love, beaming with a beauty that can only come from deep within :) Beautiful work Yvonne!

  2. Nicole

    Nellie and Chad are just as adorable, fun and stylish as these photos imply. Great work on being able to capture it on film.

    Nellie and Chad, congrats on a year + of married life!


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