Modern Woodland Wedding

Sylvan Glam

Some of the best cathedrals in Europe feel like the woods to me, and alternately, sometimes the woods can feel completely transcendent. It seems to me that a forest is just as fancy a place as any for a full on glamorous fete. (Provided there are proper accommodations adjacent, of course.) Can’t you imagine a string quartet out in those fallen red leaves. Ooo! And a harp! What else do you see?

clockwise from top right: 1. Angelica Vis 2. Jasmine Star 3. Laura Fulmine 4. Annabel Elston for Elle Decoration UK

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15 Responses to “Modern Woodland Wedding”

  1. melissa

    How evil to show those Kate Spade shoes when they are not on the Kate Spade site for me to buy!

  2. joythigpen

    mariegael, WOW! the setting of your wedding was unbelievably beautiful! thanks for sharing!

    and galaxie andrews, thanks for the image credit! its updated now.

  3. MegsMoment

    Does anyone know any details about the navy dress??? Amazing and I must find it!


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