Miss Pickles Press

Ever since featuring Jen’s
amazing wedding on Once Wed, I’ve been a bit obsessed with her paper
goods. Brilliant is usually the first word that comes to mind whenever
I see new work from her. Not only does she created beautiful
invitations, but she also takes care of all those other little details
like custom favors, cupcake flags, and now drink stirrers. She recently
made the the stirrers and cupake flags above for a Knot event here in
Atlanta and I’m in love. To see more of her work, click here.


12 Responses to “Miss Pickles Press”

  1. LIz

    The stirrers are such a cute idea. Its detail like this that make me I wish went to school for graphic design rather than accounting.

  2. Sara

    miss pickles is the best!! not only a great designer, but all her work has a great voice too. so talented!

  3. Jessica

    I Love these!! I have always wanted to know what font "The Knot" uses for their logo! Does anyone know??

  4. miss pickles press

    jessica – i don’t know the exact font (i received the font as vector artwork from them, and not as a "font") but i can tell you that AT Mahogany Script is pretty dang close. hope this helps!


    These are so adorable – as was everything at the wedding. For the drink stirrers – how did you make the back piece such a fabulous shape?

  6. Barb

    I didn’t even think about doing stirrers, but since our reception is ALL about cocktails, I don’t think it’ll be completely now without an idea like this one. Thank you very much – I plan to use it.


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