Love is in the Air…

Good morning! I’m still playing catch up from being in Nashville last week which means I’m running a bit behind on returning emails and coding posts for this week. Thank goodness I had this sweet and simple engagement shoot from Nancy Neil waiting in the wings though just for a day like this. The gorgeous light, her yellow dress, a field of flowers…every element just makes me feel so warm and happy. Enjoy!

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Check back tomorrow for a gorgeous real wedding!

Photography by Nancy Neil

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7 Responses to “Love is in the Air…”

  1. Chaucee

    So cute. What an adorable couple!
    Sometimes I wish the stories of how each couple met was included with the post. Every girl loves a good romance story!

  2. angela

    i actually know this couple and will be attending their wedding next month! they are so cute and these pictures turned out great!

  3. brynn

    gorgeous!! i love how personal it is. you can really get a sense of the couple and know that its real– not just for show. love it!


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