If you’ve been reading for quite some time you probably already know this, but it’s pretty hard for me to resist anything with a bit of kitschiness in it. There is just something so fun and uniquely beautiful when “clean meets dirty” at a wedding.

Even though this board is intended for a winter wedding, Courtney wanted a theme where you could subsitute one or two details and create the same event any time of the year in any climate. For example, if your having a summer wedding you could substitute peppermint bark
for cherry pie violá or instead of
hot chocolate have milkshakes and bottled coke. The options for substitution are endless…


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Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

Yes please. I love this!

Piper | Reply

I love anything kitsch too. So so so fun!!!

LS | Reply

i have those anthropologie plates. they are so antiquey looking…i love them.

Mallikarjuna | Reply

I am one of follower of your blog styles and your interests

E | Reply

I have 2 sets of the anthropologie plates and I cannot tell you how gorgeous they are. I honestly wish I had 20 sets!

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