Classic Romantic Ideas

Here are 8 ways you could bring today’s inspiration board to life:

1. Plunk a raspberry into your champagne.

2. Find a dress (like this one from Zac Posen) that has lots of silk to billow in the wind.

3. Serve chocolate truffles and raspberries.

4-7. Slip on a pair of (not shiny, ideally peep-toe) red shoes.

4. $285 Kate Spade 5. $275 Kate Spade 6. Sale: $151 Beyond Skin 7. $89 Calvin Klein

8. Get some of these little candy molds, spray paint them gold, and use them as place card holders.


Comments (4)

annawithlove | Reply

stunning! love the photo of the dress!

Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

Oooo i love raspberries and truffles!!

Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] | Reply

I love this so much! Satisfies the inner-French girl in me

Katie | Reply

How would you use the hot air-ballon molds as place holders?

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