I love the collection of photos above. I can’t tell if its because of the old
wooden chairs, flea market style arrangements, or the understated
elegance each one exmplifies. Chivari chairs are beautiful, but there
is just something about mismatched rickety old chairs that makes my
heart happy…

[Images Left to Right Top to Bottom c/o Cheri Pearl Photography, Martha Stewart Weddings, Pen Carlson Photography, Marla Aufmuth via Snippet and Ink]


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Chelsea | Reply

I am tiring of rental chairs. I love mismatched chairs at a wedding or event. I’ve even used Chivaris intermixed with antique chairs of the same color and height. I got the idea from Karen Bussen’s book.

holly hatam | Reply

I’ve always loved the mismatched chair as well, reminds me of Monica’s apartment from Friends!

dana | Reply

I loved the wedding from Snippet and Ink that the picture in the bottom right is from. So simple yet elegant at the same time.


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