Happy Weekend

Picture 12

Wow! How much do I love this image photographed by the amazing, Anna Wolf. I know it is probably a bit over the top to wear 3 giant peonies in your hair on your wedding day, but I still really like the idea of wearing fresh flowers. They aren’t as practical as a hairpiece and far more delicate, but you just can’t beat the real thing sometimes.

Sorry the posts were a little light this week. I’ve got some great real weddings coming my way in the next couple weeks and can’t wait to share them here. I hope your Valentine’s Day weekend is filled with lots of love and happiness!

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  1. Courtney {flushdesigns}

    I LOVE this! You may not be able to move your head but what beautiful pics you would have! Oh and I would much rather wear 3 giant peonies in my hair more then I would wear a giant blue "carrie Bradshaw" bird. :)


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