Elegant Gold Wedding Ideas

Elegant Gold Wedding Ideas

1. Zara 2. Alexander McQueen Snakeskin Clutch 3. Zara 4. Net-A-Porter 5. Unknown via This is Glamorous 6. Bryant Park Hotel 7 & 8 Net-A-Porter 9. Marc Jacobs Black Leather Gold Plate Shoes 10. Temperley London 11. Dark Chocolate Truffles 12. Minx Nails at Alexander McQueen 13. Black and Gold Wedding Cake 14. Caroline Herrera 15. Net-A-Porter

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  1. Paul B.

    The best part about that Alexander McQueen clutch (#2) is that, even if a mugger tried to snatch it, it wouldn’t come off your fingers – and then – POW! Straight bejeweled brass (gold?) knuckles to the face!


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