DIY Painted Votives

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The glass Michelle uses to clean her brushes inspired us to paint the insides of these votives for some colorful candlelight. They couldn’t be easier to make. Pick up a case of glass votives from your nearest floral wholesaler or local Target. Scribble watery paint on the inside of clear glass candleholders and don’t try too hard…if you mess with them too much you’ll just make brown. If you’re having a hard time with this project you may need some more wine to help you loosen up. ;) When they’re dry, plunk in a votive. Done!

Flower image from Saipua, all others Once Wed. Painting c/o Michelle Armas

43 Responses to “DIY Painted Votives”

  1. Ginny branch stelling

    This might be one of my favorite DIY’s! And i loooove Michelle’s work! Good job y’all!

  2. Kristi

    Love, love, love these!!! They look fabulous ~ yet are so easy to do ;-)) Thank you bunches for sharing!


  3. mem

    I think it should be noted to read the paint label….some are flammable! eek

  4. McKenzie

    I just replaced wine with beer and recruited my fiancé for this project. They turned out funky and fantastic!

  5. Amanda Thornton

    LOVE this idea- i’ve been looking for a cheap way to add color to my living room, this project is perfect! found you through Blue LaReve :)


  6. Jamie

    So fun and easy!! Its a great way to incorporate wedding colors that are harder to come by too!

  7. Freda

    Awesome idea for weddings or any other place you want color and subtle light. I agree, though, be sure the paint isnt flammable.

  8. Lisa

    oh my gosh! I love these and will try them, as I am also a party planner and am always looking for cute inexpensive ideas. Also LOVED your comment on the ‘drink more wine’ as I have a wine blog…you would love it and I love your style

  9. Candice

    Soo…I love these, but having relatively little crafting skill, I’m having a hard time getting it right. My paint is either too watery or too thick, and well I guess I just don’t know what to do! Any advice on ratios or whatever would be appreciated!

  10. Kelly

    In its liquid form, acrylic paints are not flammable, as the solvent is (usually) water. After it has dried is a different matter – acrylic is a plastic polymer which is flammable. Crown Paints advise that in a fire, hazardous decomposition products such as smoke, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxides of nitrogen may be produced. The good news is that acrylic paint is not combustible.

  11. Casey

    Is there any difference if the *outside* of the glass is painted, rather than the inside? I have a lot of clear glass votives, and being pretty new to DIY, any help (advice and tips, what type & brand of paint to use) would be greatly appreciated. :]

  12. LindseyZ

    Question: Will the paint get hot and begin “melting” down the sides? I’m thinking of doing this for my wedding reception but don’t want any disasters. If anyone knows, please reply. Thanks!!!

  13. Brooke

    I was wondering what was used for the wall in the background of the first picture… How? Wallpaper? And from where?

  14. Maureen Sebek

    Thank you for sharing these lovely little votives! I can’t wait to try. I will probably do a spot on my blog and will reference you. So glad I found you! :)

  15. Theresa

    There are acrylic pains specifically for glass, some set with oven heat, some can air dry given I think it is about 2 weeks to cure. I am doing this for part of my wedding favors. Thanks for the idea!


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