Dancing on the Rooftop

Christie and Evan make one adorable couple and the moment their photographer, 26 Merton Road, sent over these images I knew it would be the perfect way to start off this beautiful Tuesday morning. Christie is a trained dancer and brought so much beautiful motion and movement to their session…

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Photography by 26 Merton Road

31 Responses to “Dancing on the Rooftop”

  1. Lex

    From the first photo, it’s obvious she has so much grace. Then it became all clear when I read she was a dancer.

  2. Erin

    awwww i know this couple and they are even more lovely in person, if that’s possible! these photos blow my mind…

  3. WeddingXpert

    Get out of town, these are incredible! I’m obsessed with the vintage wardrobe, this couple pulls it off beautifully. And the photographer caught the light just perfectly for this rooftop e-sesh :)

  4. erin

    her shoes are from a store in Winnipeg, Canada called Para Mix, they are from Hong Kong. so cute!

  5. Lauren

    Does anyone know where that dress came from? That is adorable, I’d love to know who the designer is?

  6. melissa

    Shannon, I agree. In the first few he might as well have not been there. The grooms are important too!

  7. nikaela

    the dress is from ruby slipper in winnipeg on sargent. yuppers. gotta come to winnipeg to get all this great loot. winnipeg is the best!

  8. Malori

    I am absolutely in love with her dress. When I read in someone’s comment that you can only find it in Winnipeg my heart broke a little. These photos are absolutely fabulous :)



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