Cross Stitch + Gingham Wedding

If you can’t tell from the post yesterday I seem to be on a bit of a gingham kick recently. So, when I came across the story below in a past issue of Wedding Style Guide, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you today. Cross stitch and gingham might sound like a peculiar pair, but I really like the combination below and think their team did a great job combining two very different elements to create one cohesive concept….

gingham and cross stitch

Photography by Claudio Raschella via Wedding Style Guide Issue 11

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12 Responses to “Cross Stitch + Gingham Wedding”

  1. leigh

    ditto on the babyshower comment. in fact, since i’ve been snowed in for 2 days (and for another 2 before that) it looks like a just-because it’s spring-time celebration, to me.

    i hope that’s a key-lime cake! …it’d be neat to see a green cross-stitched monogram on top of it if it were icing instead of powdered sugar.

  2. Carly McCray

    I am so in love with this!!!!! That green gingham makes me melt. My mom + mother-in-law are throwing me + my twins a baby shower this weekend with yellow and orange…and gingham. I can only hope it’s got a hint of this style!

  3. Kim Ince

    I LOVE this! My daughter is thinking about red and white gingham for her outdoor wedding at an Equestrian Ranch. I don’t think we’ll have any problem using some Red and White Gingham in the decor (keeping it simple and not over done) but does anyone have any ideas about what her bridesmaids should wear? I’m thinking red dresses, white daisy bouquets with red/white gingham ribbon hanging down from the bouquet…but we’re open to suggestions!


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