Coral, Red, and Pink Bridesmaid Dress Round Up

Coral Red Salmon Bridesmaid Dresses

First row of dresses: 1. ADAM $190  2. ADAM $195  3. Malene Birger $995  4. ADAM $195  5. ADAM $180

Chair and Bougainvillea images by Jose Villa

Second row of dresses: 1. Leifsdottir $181  2. Jessica Simpson $79  3. Topshop $95  4. J.Crew $99  5. Lilly Pulitzer $258

Hacienda image by Jose Villa

Third row of dresses: 1. Rebecca Taylor $295  2. Gypsy $100  3. Trina Turk $148  4. Alice + Olivia $264  5. Ann Taylor $225

Bougainvillea and door images by Jose Villa

Fourth row of dresses: 1. Gap $60  2. Anthropologie $40  3. Topshop $96  4. Topshop $110  5. Patterson J. Kincaid $105

15 Responses to “Coral, Red, and Pink Bridesmaid Dress Round Up”

  1. HiLLjO

    I’m a fan of the chair… I see it as a rad cake stand for the pink stripe cake! Fav dress: Top middle. Yum!

  2. Jessica

    Okay, so this looks great! Can I pull off something so effective with tones ranging from plum to red to blush… I’m going for a berry thing with my mis-matched bridesmaids, but I fear my combinations are too far-reaching. Red, purple and pink? How can it be done without going too far into fuscia territory?

  3. joy thigpen

    How many bridesmaids do you have? The more you have the more likely you will be to be able to pull if off since that is such a wide range in value (light to dark). You can definitely make the plum to red range work, even with fewer bridesmaids but adding the blush might be a bit of a stretch unless you have lots of bridesmaids and can have some of them in mid-range colors. Otherwise, what if you add the blush in their flowers or even the ribbon on their flowers?


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