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I still find myself drawn to simple celebrations in incredible locations recently. Plus, the bride’s understated dress + cotton scarf ensemble is absolutely lovely.

Photography by Glen Allsop


Comments (18)

Hochzeits DJ | Reply

What wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing it with us. I liked the 3 pencils made from a tree. Love it!

Allison | Reply

I totally agree! I absolutely love simple decor in a beautiful place. My wedding reception was in a tent in the middle of a field in the countryside. I loved it!

Candace {} | Reply

This wedding is so dreamy! The pictures really brought the wedding to life. I could almost feel the slight breeze and love in the air!

Jeanette | Reply

Lovely! Glen Allsop is amazing and I’m loving anything out of Australia. They know beautiful, simplistic weddings.

becky | Reply

is it possible to find out who made the bride’s dress? it’s awesome

Jackie | Reply

wow, gorgeous location. i love the simplicity of this too :)

Jessie James | Reply

Oh Byron Bay, one of my favorite places and one of my favorite photographers! x

Ridgely's Radar | Reply

What a beautiful setting!

Dorothée | Reply

Absolutely lovely !!
does someone know where this dress comes from?
Thx !!

bridal girl | Reply

I love the field shots. Simply beautiful!

Misty | Reply

I love it !!
Any idea from where is the beautiful coton scarf ??

nelle | Reply

so pretty ! like a dream

Lela | Reply

Hi there, the dress is by Aurelio Costarella ( I got it from Myers) the scarf is from a little shop called Toolz on Smith St, in Melbourne ( Glen the photographer was great, we were so lucky to get him for our special day!

Thank you all for the lovely comments and especially MB for sharing <3

Leo Timoshuk | Reply

Awesome photos & I love the colors!

Andrey Sacramento photographer | Reply

what a beautiful calm wedding. Editing is nice as well.. organic colors!

Samantha | Reply

Does anyone know where this is?

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