Amy Atlas Events

When I stumbled upon Amy Atlas Events
website last night….I literally let out a squeal because of the AMAZING
images displayed on the screen in front of me(my husband looked over at me like I was crazy). Amy Atlas Events is an event planning firm
specializing in high end desert tables for any type of celebration you
could possibly think of. Not only do I adore the idea behind this concept, but the photos below were styled by my favorite stylist, Livia Cetti. Livia’s work is INCREDIBLE, so you can only imagine the eye candy that awaits you below….


I’m not usually a big fan of the color of pink, but the table below is absolutely irresistable. I love the idea of having a pinboard with goodie bags pinned on that guests can pull off with ease. Goodie bags are actually pretty easy to make with the right supplies and we have a project coming up soon showing you how to…


This old fashioned table created by Amy is a breath of fresh air from the candy bar idea typically seen at weddings. I love how playful it feels with the pendants and nostalgic candy choices…


[Images c/o Gemma Comas]

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16 Responses to “Amy Atlas Events”

  1. Marie

    Hi! this post is amazing, and the website of Amy Atlas Event is incredibly inspiring!!! I LOVE it.
    By the way, I don’t know wether you remember me, I got married in France last August 16 and soon will send you the pix of the wedding… hope you will like it!! Marie*.*

  2. cyndi

    Everything about this post is fantastic! I love the concept, the look, the gorgeous photography, and I can only imagine how yummy it all tastes! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Amber

    Where did you find those labels? They are perfect, and I’d love to purchase them!


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