A Handmade Wedding “Paper”

I knew for sure that I wanted to
make the invitations
, save-the-date cards, and programs
myself. Jin and I designed and illustrated them, and we went into card
factory mode, silkscreening them at home for our 100 guests. We knew
we were going to spain for our honeymoon, so we asked our guests to
send us back advice on places to go see in spain! It was so delightful
to recieve mail back with fun comments on each and every one of them! 


Tomorrow Celine will be sharing all the details behind her lovely wedding and has an adorable DIY project for us on Thursday…

7 Responses to “A Handmade Wedding “Paper””

  1. Susana

    I’m loving this beautiful handmade wedding, and am thrilled that it’s by a fellow Torontonian! Looking forward to more DIY features. Thanks!

  2. Meivys garcia valdes

    Loved it! what a great idea! can you please share how exactly you designed? I would love to do it myself to but have no idea how. thanks!!!!


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