A Forest Wedding Tablescape II

Cevd Wedding Invitations

Christine of CEVD designed incredible invitations to fit the vision- a save-the-date actually printed on a feather!! These would be sent in sweet little glass tubes as a wonderful surprise for guests. The invitation combined stitched nubby fabric, a piece of wood and a mailing box full of moss and woodsy bits.

For the place settings, I turned to my dear friend Jason Murakawa of Small Masterpiece. Jason’s collection is like something out of a museum- each piece as unique and exquisite as the next. Antique Haviland Limoges china, beautiful pressed flint glass goblets, and carved horn and carved bone handled flatware were the perfect touch.

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The raw, industrial Edison bulbs from Bella Vista Designs created a spellbinding glow as the sun went down as well as provide a bit of an unexpected touch. I always love to incorporate a bit of juxtaposition industry (bulbs) within nature, refined and fine (place settings) within overgrown and natural, etc. I think it creates interest and stimulates the senses.

Stay tuned for a list of vendors and a beautiful film from this shoot coming up next!

Photography by Jose Villa

21 Responses to “A Forest Wedding Tablescape II”

  1. Kaleigh

    There is nothing about this wedding that isn’t absolutely stunning. Details details details!! Beautiful!

  2. allisa

    i really like the invitation set especially the feather save the date. genius:)

  3. Heather

    I love the juxtaposing of the natural and industrial elements. I’m amazed how they go together so well.And of course, Jose’s images are spot on! Terrific shoot!

  4. julia

    The flowers are my favorite part. Ive seen feathers before at weddings and I always though they were a bit tacky/gaudy in flowers until I saw this. Flowerwild made them look elegant and beautiful. Brilliant is all I can say!!

  5. steph

    the purple bouquet is absolutely divine! i am definitely giving this image to my florist.

  6. Dandelion & Grey

    This is absolutely beautiful! The details are amazing — Industrial lightbulbs hanging above a picnic table in the forest?! Sign me up. Lovely!

  7. Tracy

    I recently started reading your blog. I’m not getting married anytime soon but I love the overall aesthetic of the site and the photography is amazing…and of course the projects themselves are inspiring – not just for weddings but for anything really! I will definitely be looking for table setting ideas for my own dinners at home etc. The amount of detail that went into this wedding it’s crazy…I can’t imagine planning a wedding, it’s all in the details! Absolutely beautiful!

  8. younghearts

    This is gorgeous! The setting, table, the colors….and the lights! Incredible. I’d love to be able to do the same with lights, just wondering how you went about powering them?

  9. brittany

    Hi, I am in the process of planning my own wedding and came across these photos, I am so in love wiht everything about them, it looks like a dream ! who did all of the design and planning ? are they available for hire ?

  10. Maria

    Hey there,
    Absolutely beautiful set up. I was just wondering where your wedding took place. I am looking for a place in GA and this is very similar to what I had in mind.


  11. Tori

    This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Please, please, PLEASE tell me where these pictures were taken! Also, the ribbon that is tied around your gorgeous bouquet – what color would you call that? I know that’s a silly question. :)
    Great job!! You’ve given me so much inspiration!


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